If you are part artist and part scientist, the allure of quality wine, beer and food is irresistible. I have been living with multiple sclerosis for over 20 years now, making my sense of taste and smell even more important to me. Whenever I can, I love to indulge my palate! I am often happiest when sharing great food and drink with my friends.


I have a deep appreciation for locally grown and produced bounty. I am blessed by living in Washington state where we grow some mighty fine grapes and the Yakima valley produces 75% of the country’s hops. Here we hope to spread the news to the world about the great quality wines and microbrews produced here in Washington state. I have nothing against a good Belgium brew or New Zealand wine, you can find reviews of those in our other blog. But, we wanted to create something special just for Washington wine and beer.


The intent here is two fold. The first I have already alluded to and that is to educate the outside world about the wonderful wine and beer produced in Washington. The second is to share information with the locales about how, where, what and when to enjoy this bounty. Although most of the posts will be drink and event reviews, we will also have educational pieces and interviews with the people that make these delicious wines and beers.


Palates are personal and you won’t always agree with mine, my friends certainly don’t! So those friends will be joining in and posting their own reviews as well. Hopefully that will allow us to cover more wine and beers with less bias.


Come on in, can I pour you a drink?