Many of us take for granted that these types of events constitute a parenthesis in our work relationship garden wedding. It does not matter to do certain things that are prohibited in the office. And to a certain extent, this is the case, but we cannot think that like in Las Vegas, what happens at Christmas dinner stays at Christmas dinner,

In the American lawyer’s opinion, we must be clear that company parties are still part of our work. Although we see them as an excuse to spend a different time with our colleagues, it is better to keep in mind that we have our bosses around. These are the tips that, he says, we must follow if we do not want to get scared in the dreaded and hungover day after.

Don’t drink too much

According to Ballman, under no circumstances should you get drunk at Christmas dinner. But if everyone does it? Yes, but some more than others and all the great blunders are committed by those who have overdone with drinking.

Don’t dance “inappropriately”

The lawyer assures that many people end up in the street by dancing in an “inappropriate” way at a company party. And what is inappropriate? “Any movement that mimics sexual behavior is dangerous if your colleagues are around,” Ballman says. If you doubt, better sit down. These issues may be more sensitive in the US, but the lawyer suggests that a bad move could lead to a harassment complaint, and of course, that is not what you need as a gift from Kings.

Don’t go to dinner by car

As much as you think you are not going to drink anything, it is very easy to end up drinking enough alcohol to give a positive breath test. If you have offered to take some colleagues to their house, brown can be epic. Do not hesitate: return by taxi, you are about to charge them extra.

Don’t flirt with your partners

Relationships between colleagues are the talk of any company dinner worth it’s salt. Not surprisingly, romances between colleagues are extremely common: according to a recent survey, half of the workers have ever had a sexual relationship with a colleague. The problem with company dinner romances is that they are usually alcohol-induced, without taking hierarchies into account.

Avoid certain conversations

As is logical among coworkers, the most normal thing is that you talk about work, but avoid entering muddy terrain as much as possible. Everything has to do with criticism of bosses or colleagues. Everyone is at the party, and it is very easy that in a few minutes, the head of the department who is fatal to you will find out that you have given birth to him. Also, avoid any compromising conversation about politics and religion and try not to get out of hand with jokes, especially if they are racist or degrading. There are people who may not be amused.

Don’t sing

As when it comes to dancing, Ballman says we should avoid singing anything sexually explicit, let alone accompanying the lyrics of suggestive movements. In short, everything that disinherits us is better left for another context. Remember: your bosses are watching what you do.