Winners at the Winemaker Olympics

Winemaker Olympic FestivalWinery teams battled for the gold at the Winemaker Olympic Festival on July 27th, at the Redhook Brewery Bowl. Previously a triathlon event this year’s festival was four separate competitions working with the tools and techniques of the wine making trade. The setting might have been casual but the competition was fierce! Wineries competed against one another in costumes and camaraderie to support the Heartbeat for Wounded Warriors.

Skillet Street Food Poutine

Savoring Skillet Street Food Poutine

The Winemaker Olympics began with a beer and wine reception on the sunny grounds of Redhook brewery Guests received a $5 food voucher that could be redeemed at gourmet food trucks like Marination Mobile, Skillet Foods and Veraci Pizza. A wide variety of white, rosé and red wines from Woodinville wineries were available for tasting as well as Redhook beer on tap. Some of our favorite wines of the evening included: II Vintners Zinfandel, DesVoigne Cellars Menina Flor, Pondera Sericus, EFESTE Feral, Elsom Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon, Flying Dreams Little Rojo Rosé

Barrel Roll

Bung Pass

Water Balloon Toss

Winemaker Spit Relay

 The REAL winner is…

the participants! It was a very fun evening of beer, wine, food and silly games. It is great to spend time with hero wine makers and see them get down right silly. Wine culture is often accused of taking itself too seriously but that is not an issue at the Winemaker Olympic Festival! Check out our Facebook page for a lot more photos from the event.



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