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Thanksgiving Wine and Beer

Under and around the mounds of food on your Thanksgiving table, what will you be offering or bringing to drink? Wine is often the first choice, but it doesn’t have to be the only choice. Just for fun, I whipped up a mock Thanksgiving dinner and put a number of wines and two beers to the taste test for big day. I cooked up a quick mock Thanksgiving dinner of citrus herb run turkey breast, garlic... read more

Top Washington Wine Blends

In order to showcase and celebrate top Washington wine blends, Peha Promotions has collaborated with Columbia Hospitality to create the event BLEND. Last year the event made its debut with blending seminars, decadent food, and some amazing Washington wineries. This year, BLEND was modified a bit. Among the changes, blending stations flanked several wineries in lieu of a sit down seminar. Wine World... read more

BLEND: Enhancing food, wine and life!

What do you think of when you think of wine blends? A classic Bordeaux blend? Maybe a proprietary wine blend, reflecting the winemaker? Or a kitchen sink blend of grape left overs? Columbia BLEND is a unique wine event, created to explore the mystery and beauty behind wine blends. Last year, I used tapestries as an analogy for wine blends. Some people found it a helpful means of comparing  single varietal... read more

8 Washington Wines that Haunt

Halloween is my time to celebrate the Washington wines that have haunted me this past year. These are some the wines that lingered in my memory long after the glass has emptied.  The wines range from barrel tasting to unexpected treasures from a friend’s cellar. Adams Bench 2009 Sangiovese Red Willow VineyardI thoroughly enjoyed the Adams Bench 2006 Sangiovese Ursula at the release... read more

BLEND: Celebrating wine as a work of art

Wine blends are often misunderstood. Many assume that wine blends are just the left over dregs of wine combined to fill the bottle. It is true that happens some times, but more often blends are so much more than the sum of its parts. Enjoy beautiful wine blends from 40 wineries at BLEND: The World’s Best Wine, Food & Places takes place on September 12, 4-7:30pm at the Bell Harbor Conference... read more
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