Hogue Cellars Gewürztraminer is a great bargain Washington wine.Washington isn’t known for its wine bargains, but here is a delicious, well made Washington white wine for only $10!

Hogue Cellars GewurtraminerIntensely aromatic, my nose wants to linger inside the glass to really enjoy the bouquet of lychee, grapefruit and summer roses. This fruity Gewurtraminer is teases you on the tip of the tongue with its lychee sweetness but in the mouth proper, this is a bone dry white wine.  Surprisingly refreshing, the finish has hints of grapefruit for a pleasing palate cleansing effect. The Hogue Cellars Gewurztraminer brings all the aromas and fruit flavors of a traditional Gewurtraminer without the cloying weight that can accompany some of sweeter renditions of this style.

This is not the Gewurtraminer I would grab to pair with that spicy Pad Thai but this is the one that I would grab to pair with the lovely shrimp, mango rice noodle salad that one of the writer’s Vivian makes. It doesn’t have enough sugar to pair with really spicy foods but it would be delicious with a tropical fruit salad, matching tropical fruit notes and acidity. The Hogue Cellars Gewurtraminer is a lovely wine just to sip with friends and conversation.