On our recent trip to Orcas Island we picked up a bottle of 2014 San Juan Vineyard Siegerebbe.  It was one of Ed’s highlight wines from last years Taste Washington and we wanted to used it for a wine pairing dinner. If you aren’t familiar with Siegerrebe it is not only a pleasant sipping wine, it is also a great wine for pairing with food. 

San Juan Vinevard Siegerrebe

San Juan Vineyard 2014 Siegerebbe is estate grown. Siegerebbe is one of the few grapes grown in the Puget Sound AVA and it is only grown in Washington state in the US. Siegerebbe is a German grape hybrid between between Madeleine Angevine and Gewurztraminer. Like  Gewurtraminer and Reisling wines,  Siegerebbe wines range from dry to sweet dessert wines.  The 2014 San Juan Vineyard Estate Siegerrebe is an off-dry wine with 0.81 residual sugar. 

The wine is very pale colored, paler than ginger ale. The San Juan Vineyard Siegerebbe aroma is redolent with bright grapefruit and sweet lychee. Don’t let the sweet aromas of the lychee fool you into thinking that this will be a sweet wine, it really isn’t but it does have lots of fruit flavor. It has a refreshing acidity and some of those grapefruit flavors carry through from the aroma giving pleasing tartness. If you have ever been to a Thai restaurant that floats a lychee in the water glass, you have a sense of how much lychee flavor and flash of sweetness you get mid-palate.

This Siegerrebe is really nice to drink now and the flavors help me think of spring, even on these gloomy days.  As a patio sipper, it so refreshing as the sun comes out and the temperature rises! This is a Washington wine that you can enjoy now and all spring into all summer long. #WAWineMonth

Food Pairing with Siegerrebe

Traditional food pairings with Seigerrebe wine include: seafood, Thai food, curries, egg dishes and desserts depending on the sweetness of the wine.

Dungeness Crab Salad with Green Thai Curry Vinaigrette

With the 2014 San Jan Island Vineyard Estate Siegerrebe being off-dry, you want to make sure to pair it with food that it is not as sweet as the wine. A sweeter food will “spank” the fruit right out of the wine!  I designed the Dungeness Crab Salad with Thai Curry Vinaigrette to pair with this Washington wine. The crab salad brings out the sweetness of the Siegerebbe, especially mid palate through the finish. The tart grapefruit comes out on the tip of your tongue if you get crab on your fork with a nice mix of greens.

We also really enjoyed the San Juan Vineyard Siegerrebe with some spicy coconut lemongrass chicken. Coconut lemongrass chicken brings out the fruit of the Siegerebbe but not additional sweetness. The wine feels smoother when drank with the creamy coconut chicken but still tastes very bright and is a refreshing contrast to the creamy coconut chicken.

Brighten up your spring with San Juan Vineyard Siegerrebe!