It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, I’m not talking about the holiday season. This is serious business, wine lovers. I’m talking about the Last Bottle 21st Amendment Marathon Madness!

If you are familiar with Last Bottle and have purchased wine from them, perhaps like me you get a rush when you read the offer, click to add it to your cart and wonder….oh crap did someone else already buy the last bottle or will there be any left for me?

Wines at the Last Bottle warehouse that may or may not be part of the marathon sale.

If you’ve never heard of Last Bottle, here’s the lowdown. You sign up on the list (spoiler: if you use the link here or any of the Last Bottle links in this article, you’ll get a credit when you place your first order! I will, too – the Last Bottle business thrives on referrals). By signing up, you’ll receive a daily email offer. Offers for cult wines, aged wines (our friend Kat over at Corkscrew Concierge recently Tweeted about a 1992 Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars Fay she procured via Last Bottle. Huzzah!), value wines, deeply discounted wines – all kinds of wines! Tongue in cheek offers that may read, “SHHHHH! Lucky Break indeed! This moniker is only used for the COOLEST, hardest-to-find rockstar wines, wines that we are speechless to even get a few cases of…and do we have a doozy on this fine Sunday morning!! Cabernet bliss!!” Plus, if you purchase a specified quantity (usually 3-6 bottles), your shipping is free. How awesome is that?

As for my first Last Bottle purchase, well, they had me at mystery case – at a savings of over $200. No kidding, it was a box of twelve unspecified wines. I couldn’t wait to open that baby up and see its contents. You have to figure there would probably be wine from Napa since that’s where Last Bottle is based. Check. There was Moscato, OMG, I love Moscato! What next? A Cotes du Rhone, oh la la. I would absolutely order that one again. A selection from Rogue River Valley I would’ve never thought to purchase, but turns out to be a very pleasant easy drinker. Then, wait, what? A syrah from Red Mountain AVA? Interesting! A Washington State wine shipped out of California.

So, when I headed to California for the Wine Bloggers Conference I reached out to Last Bottle and asked if they would be willing to give the hubby and me a tour during our time in the region. Their reply was no less enthusiastic than their daily wine offers: “We’d love to meet you and your husband!”

Last Bottle is headquartered near the Napa airport in an office park. It’s not the romantic Napa we’re exposed to on Instagram, but believe me, seeing what’s inside is enough to make any wine lover weak in the knees! Walk through the doors and be greeted by a clever door mat that reads, “Hello you lovely people.” As someone casually walks through the otherwise empty entrance, I mention we’ve got an appointment. We’re led through a doorway and discover all the other lovely people working away. Cory Wagner, the head of the operation, comes out to meet us. He guides us into the warehouse and – TA DA – here I am in the promised land. There is so much wine!

The first thing that catches my eye is the 2012 vintage of a wine that we had just opened at a party the weekend prior. Although it was the youngest vintage poured that night, it was clearly the crowd pleaser of the evening and our wine loving friends drank every last drop. Shocked that this is the same wine and same vintage (long since gone from our local wine shop), the voice in my head is screaming, “OOOHHH MYYYY GOD; be cool, be cool!” I casually inquire, “Is that wine going on offer?” Whaaaaat, it’s going to be part of Marathon madness? Block out my calendar, I’m not going anywhere those two days!

Cory demonstrates how photos for the offers are taken.

I regain composure and Cory kindly tastes us on a few samples including wines from Alsace. Geez, I freaking love wines from Alsace! He must have paid attention to my purchase history on the site. Or perhaps it was my many mentions of how much I adore that region every time we spotted an Alsatian wine in the warehouse that gave me away.

Cory shows us some higher end wines.

So, how does Washington wine fare? Cory says they get a good response to Washington wine. They just don’t have it a lot. Interestingly, though the wine is being offered from a warehouse in Napa, only about 20% of it is sold in California. The rest goes around the country. So, that’s some great exposure for Washington wine!

Now, back to that Marathon. Last Bottle is celebrating the repeal of Prohibition starting December 14th. Over two days, they intend to blow out over 60,000 bottles of wine with new offers on the site throughout each day plus free ground shipping on orders. As I mentioned, if you sign up via the link here you’ll get a credit applied to your wine purchase. This is not a sponsored post. I’m simply a big fan of Last Bottle and think it’s a fantastic resource for wine lovers, and am thrilled that it’s an avenue for people to discover the great wine of Washington State among other regions. Enjoy!