Tasting rooms are important in creating a lasting and favorable memory of a winery. In the initial post of this series, I showed examples of other conversations in the blogosphere about the importance of the tasting room experience. I shared what I thought were the essentials in a tasting room.

This second post is about the extras. These are things that will inspire me to tell my friends about the great experience that I had in your tasting room. This is your opportunity to stand out from the other wineries, even in a warehouse district!

Hard Row to Hoe

Hard Row to Hoe Tasting Room

The Tasting Room – Nice to Haves

  • Food – but not just any food for the masses.  I almost plotzed when I saw a spicy jalapeno artichoke dip being served at a winery.  That’s just going to kill our palates!  I know it takes more planning and effort, but please serve food that is matched to the wine being poured (hint:  hire a caterer skilled at pairing wine and food).  Isn’t that what all the rest of us aspire to do for our guests?
  • Nice ambience – and I don’t mean you have to spend a fortune.  For example, you can get some nice lighting for little money.  Just because you’re in a warehouse doesn’t mean your guests have to feel like they’re in a warehouse. Or, if you’re in a nice setting take advantage of it. Set up seating outdoors for the warmer months, if space allows. You get the idea.
  • A special price break on something for those of us who take the time to visit the tasting room .
  • Wines that aren’t readily available to the public.
  • My friends with children always appreciate having an activity available to the kids.

Rio Vista Winery deck

What touches have made a winery tasting room memorable for you?  Share with us!