If you think you’re too sexy for purple teeth, then read no further because today we’re reviewing the 2012 Sexy Syrah event that took place at Salty’s last week where purple teeth reigned supreme.

Although this has long been a favorite event of the Wine and Beer of Washington crew, I somehow hadn’t made it to the event until now. Clearly I’ve been missing out, particularly since Syrah is one of our favorite wines to drink at home and pair with food. Here’s a rundown on what I enjoyed about the experience:

  1. The event is a fundraiser for FareStart, a fantastic training program for the food industry.
  2. There is an abundance of substantial food. By that I mean food beyond the cheese plate and dreaded pickled asparagus platter that is the enemy of my palate at so many wine events.
  3. The wine being served is available for sale during the event. You pick it up right then and there. That’s a win/win/win for the consumer, the winery, and the charity.
  4. The space. Salty’s on Alki has a fantastic carpeted event space with a view that is spacious without being humongous. That makes it easy on the feet (I know that probably matters more to those of us inclined to wear heels, but it is Sexy Syrah after all), easy on the eyes, and easy to navigate my way around the room.

Chocolate and bacon treats prepared by Salty's Pasty Chef James Gibson

As with most Seattle Uncorked events, a group of wine professionals were working hard at judging the 58 Washington Syrahs and Syrah blends being poured. For more details check out Bean’s post on the Sexy Syrah Winners and the post by judge Jameson Fink.

Tasting Notes

Although I didn’t make it through all 58 wines, I did my best. Pricing reflects the sale price the night of the event.

Bunnell Family Cellars ’07 Vif was one of the winning wines of the evening in the blend category, and a favorite of the hubby’s and mine. This is a nice juicy wine with some chocolate notes. $34

Bunnell Family Cellars ’07 Boushey-McPherson Syrah was a standout for me with its bramble fruit. A very well balanced wine. $44

Lantz Cellars ’07 Rattlesnake Hills Syrah caught my attention with its gunpowder nose and smoky notes mingling with espresso on the finish. $27

Tapteil Vineyard ’08 Syrah was a standout for the hubby with its fruit forward character and notes of vanilla. $27

Trust Cellars ’08 Columbia Valley Syrah came across as brighter and less weighty than many other Syrahs with nice raspberry and blackberry notes. This is a great one to pair with food that won’t be overpowering. $28

Purple Star ’09 Syrah is a wine that over delivers on quality for the price and is always one of our favorites. A true teeth stainer, and so good it’s hard to believe it’s only $16!

Forgeron Cellars ’09 Blacksmith Syrah made in the “country French” style delivers tar mingling with fruit, finishing with vanilla.

Forgeron Cellars ’08 Syrah asks the question, “Is bigger better?” If you think so, then the blackberry and chocolate flavors here will likely win you over.

Smasne Cellars ’08 Block #3 Syrah is cofermented with 6% Viognier. This is a big, grippy wine looking for Mr. Goodburger.

Kestrel Vintners Falcon Series Syrah was one of the hubby’s favorites, so you know it’s gotta be fruity! $20

Patterson Cellars ’08 Syrah Sirah is a nice rich blend of Syrah and Petite Sirah with cranberry and vanilla notes. $25

Wineries to Watch

A few wineries that I hadn’t encountered before were at the event. We look forward to seeing how their wines evolve.

Pandora Cellars ’10 Petite Sirah Syrah captivated me with its nice pepper notes and left me wanting more. $21

Redmond Ridge Winery ’09 Syrah is a unique wine made in the South African style .2% sweeter than a dry syrah for the wine drinker who wants to avoid tannic fatigue. $24

Cedar River Cellars ’10 Bella Bella Syrah features a pop of raspberry and blueberry with some toast on the backend. Kudos to winery owner Micah for luring me over to his table via Twitter. $25

Sure, tasting all that wine requires a little tooth whitening treatment afterwards, but it’s well worth it! If you haven’t tasted Washington Syrah lately, now is a great time to revisit this regally purple variety.