Extreme Makeover – Washington Vine Edition

Last month I introduced DuBrul and Hollywood, two Washington grapevines growing in two different parts of the state.  In February, the vines were coming out of their winter nap and sporting their shaggy winter ‘dos of bare, lignified shoots.  A new month brings a new look.

Hollywood after . . . .

Hollywood grapevine before it was pruned

Hollywood before...

Hollywood is cane pruned in a double guyot style.  All the canes are removed except two.  These two canes are then trained to run horizontally along the support wire.  The new shoots growing from these canes will be trained and trellised to grow upward, referred to as vertical shoot positioning or VSP.  Next year these two horizontal canes will be pruned and two different canes will take their place.  It is a little tough to see in these pictures.  Over the next couple of months with more growth the ‘double guyot style with VSP‘ will be more evident.

DuBrul after . . . .

DuBrul vine before pruning

DuBrul before . . .

DuBrul is spur pruned.  The canes are cut back to spurs poking up from the permanent horizontal cordons.  Unlike the double guyot style of the Hollywood, DuBrul’s cordons remain year after year.  Two cordons trained in opposite directions is a style referred to as bilateral cordon. Similar to Hollywood, the new shoots will be trained and trellised up for vertical shoot positioning.  Put all together the DuBrul style is ‘bilateral cordon with VSP‘.

Two vines, two different pruning techniques, and two different training styles.

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