The Guardian Cellars Angel Sauvignon Blanc is a very pale straw colored wine. The nose on this Washington Sauvignon Blanc is pleasing with green apple notes with a hint of honeydew and a bit of banana. The palate is crisp and clean. There is  no sweetness on the palate but none of the characteristic grassiness of New World Sauvignon Blanc either. I love  the smooth and slightly creamy mouthfeel of this wine, it a great contrast to the crisp and refreshing flavors. Think the flavors of green apple and the mouth feel of a Cherimoya (custard apple). $20 retail

The Wanted is a clear deep ruby color. This big Washington red wine blend is 50% Cab Franc 50% Cabernet Sauvignon. Blackberry,  plum, cocoa and espresso are predominant on the nose. This bold wine is aged on 100% new oak but it supports the fruit not overwhelms it. The wood appears as pleasing spice and caramel, vanilla notes not WOOD in captitol letters. Jerry Riener, wine maker, pays careful attention to cooperage and it shows.

Guardian Cellars 2007  Syrah is 100% Stillwater Creek  Vineyard fruit. This Washington Syrah is pretty in purple. Jerry normally co-ferments his Syrah but not this year. This vintage is a transition year in terms of switching  the  source of his Syrah grapes. This Syrah shows potential but  is a little too hot and tight for me right now. I will want to retaste this wine in a couple of months.