Don’t freak out! I don’t mean drink some cheap wine that someone dyed green for St Patrick’s Day. Drink GREEN (Environmentally Sustainable) Washington Wine for the holiday but don’t just limit it to today. Some of Washington’s premium wines are grown with sustainable agriculture practices. The question is “How to know which Washington wines are sustainable?”  Luckily, organizations certify wineries and vineyards as sustainable and provide lists for you to shop from.

Low Input Viticulture and Enology (LIVE)

Since 1999, Low Input Viticulture and Enology (LIVE), is an innovative sustainable agriculture initiative that recognizes and promotes vineyards and wineries for their hard work in sustainable viticulure. LIVE works to ensure not only the natural resources of the wine industry, but human resources as well. Four core concepts include:

  • Preservation
  • Community
  • Social Issues
  • Certification

LIVE works with Washington, Oregon and Idaho. It has awarded LIVE certification to over 40 wineries and over 300 vineyards. Washington wineries with this premium certification include:

  • 14 Hands Winery
  • Amavi Cellars
  • Claar Cellars
  • Canoe Ridge Estate Winery
  • Northstar Winery
  • Pepperbridge Winery

Click here to see a list of all the LIVE certified vineyards and wineries.

LIVE is based on research standards and works primarily through education and third party certifications. such as Salmon Safe.

Salmon-Safe Wines

Salmon SafeI first learned about Salmon-Safe certification while working at Willie Green’s Organic Farm over a decade ago. Salmon Safe works to protect the salmon through safe and conscious agricultural practices. Now, Salmon Safe, in partnership with LIVE, has certified over 350 wineries in the Pacific Northwest and 200 vineyards. Salmon is such an iconic aspect of the Pacific Northwest, it is imperative to ensure their success. Besides wine is great with salmon!

Click here to see a list of Salmon-Safe Washington wines. Salmon Safe lists specific wines and or vineyards of wineries meeting certification.