When people think of wine in Washington state, they tend to think of Ws: Walla Walla and Woodinville.  Yet there is another  W in Washington wine: Wentachee. Wentachee usually brings thoughts of apples but some of those apple and pear growers in the Cascade Valley have turned their agricultural expertise and passion for fruit into wine. Although there is certainly wine made from fruit like the Apple wine from Cascadia Winery and Asian Pear dessert wine from Icicle Ridge Winery, there is also lots of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and other classic wine varietals being made in Cascade Valley Wine Country.

Cascade Valley Wine Country

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Martin-Scott Vineyards

Cascade Valley Wine Country encompasses Lake Chelan, Leavenworth, Wentachee and surrounding communities. These communities are renowned for their recreational opportunities and as year round vacation destinations. The region boasts of abundant sun, lakes, rivers and breathtaking views. What would be nicer after a long day of snow or water skiing than a nice glass of wine?  With almost 50 wineries and tasting rooms in the region, it is easy to incorporate wine into your vacation.  Tasting rooms vary from small store fronts to expansive estates with breath taking views where you can relax with your wine.

This past weekend, the Cascade Valley Wine Country invited a number of Washington wine bloggers to explore the wine, food and the agri-tourism of this region. Friday, the focus was on Wentachee, Saturday on Chelan and we completed the weekend in Leavenworth on Sunday.  The Ports of Chelan and Douglas Counties sponsored this three day trip to familiarize the wine bloggers with the unique wine experiences in Cascade Valley Wine Country. Learn more about our trip by visiting these wine blogs. Each blog has its own voice and opinions about Washington wine and expect to see a diversity of posts about this region over the next few weeks. Check out the blogs for posts, pictures and videos about the Cascade Valley Wine Country.

Participating Washington wine bloggers:


Warm Welcome at Saint Laurent

We will be starting our own series on the Cascade Valley Wine Country this week.  You can also interact directly with the Cascade Valley Wine Country alliance via their web site, Facebook and Twitter.