Auction of Washington Wines Barrel Picnic 2009

Hi there …just a few notes on last night’s fun Auction of Washington Wines picnic, a fundraiser held at Chateau Ste Michelle for Uncompensated Care at Children’s Orthopedic Hospital and the Washington Wine Education Foundation.

Tom Skerrit at Barrel Auction

Tom Skerrit at Barrel Auction

I was really impressed by the layout of the Auction of Washington Wines Barrel Picnic. There was great flow between the various fundraising games, food tables and wine tables.  I really enjoyed how the winemakers and their staff were wandering the crowd, greeting and pouring wine. I thought it was rather a unique experience that I had to make an effort to get some food and actually have to run away from some of the wine servers.  On the rare occasion that my glass was empty, I felt that I had to hide it in order to catch my breath.  The advantages to that is that I got to try a lot of excellent Washington wines and speak with the wine makers. The disadvantage was that I didn’t make my way back to the front for the barrel tasting until many of them were gone.

Tulalip Resort Picnic Fare

Tulalip Resort Picnic Fare

On the wines I tried…
1) Icicle Ridge Winery Sparkling Syrah: We are both well acquainted with this wine but I thought I would like to start off on the right foot when I ran into Don and Kristin Wood.  I actually had three glasses during the course of the evening.
2) Barrage Cellars Merlot and Riesling:  Kevin was pouring his 07 Trifecta Merlot,  I believe they just released the wine two months ago.   We also tried their 2008 Riesling that Rebecca was pouring.  For only 15 dollars a bottle I think this Washington State Barrage Cellars Riesling is a great value.
3) Boudreaux Cellars, Gamache Vineyards 2008 Reisling:  This was a sweeter Washington Riesling that I very much enjoyed.  I got a lot of cherry on the finish.
4) Northwest Totem Cellars 2006 Syrah and Late Harvest Viognier:  I think this is one of the best Syrahs I have had and really like the balance the the 3% Viognier gives to it. I also managed to get two tastes of his lovely Late Harvest Voignier that I paired with that lovely almond tart with cherries, created by Tulalip. That wine has been a favorite of mine, every since I first tried it at the Seattle Wine Awards.
5) Robert Karl Cellars 2008 Sauvignon Blanc and 2008 Rose of Cab Franc I got to try two wines from a Spokane winery that I have not tried before.  I think to adequately judge these wines they needed to be more chilled.  I preferred the Sauv Blanc but would like to try the Rose again.  Their tasting room is only open Fri, Sat and Sun in Spokane.
6) Des Voigne Cellars 2007 Zinfandel blend called the Duke.  The breakdown of this wine was 60% Zinfandel, 13% Lemberger, 13% Petit verdot, 10% Cab franc and 4 % Syrah.  I agree with Bean that it was a wine to be paired and I was a bit disappointed because I think of Zinfandel as being a stand alone “chug a glass” wine.  But I hate to admit Bean is right…would go great with lots of dishes.  Hefty red.
7) Tildio Winery Ideale and Estate Riesling:


Tildio Winemaker Katy Perry pouring at Barrel Picnic

Katy Perry and her sister Sophia from Tildio poured that lovely Mosel-Saar-Ruwer Kabinett-style Riesling.   The Ideale, that Chardonnay-Viognier blend was one of my favorites. Katy was warned I would be stalking her the rest of the night until her bottle was emptied.
8) Maison Bleue Viognier made by Jon Martinez  This was a very dry Viognier, the residual sugar was only .02 and it had a bright almost tart acidity….Loved it.
9) Sleight of Hand Cellars Magician Gewurztraminer-Riesling blend was recommended to us by Jeanna Barrett She knew a good thing when she saw it.

I tried other wines, including the Col Solare barrel tasting of 2008 Red Blend.  It was a great event and I hope that lots of money was raised for Children’s Orthopedic Hospital and the Washington Wine Education Fund.

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