The 2010 North American Wine Bloggers Conference in Walla Walla was a fantastic event, leaving me much to tell. For now, I’ll share some amusing comments from Washington winemakers, wine lovers, and foodies.

  1. Becky Yeaman and Wade Wolfe
    Hanging on the patio with Becky and Wade

    Becky Yeaman telling us that she met her husband, Dr. Wade Wolfe of Thurston Wolfe Winery, after being introduced by a friend who described Wade as a really hot wine guy.

  2. My hubby observing a tse tse fly at a tasting room and pointing out, “If you’re going to die you might as well go head first into the Cabernet.”
  3. The woman next to me at the Saturday panel featuring Justin Basel of Basel Cellars leaning over and whispering, “Why is it that winemakers are like firemen? They’re young and hot.
  4. Jeffrey Saad, The Next Food Network Star runner up on what happens if your wine isn’t as sweet as your food:  “Sweet food spanks the fruit right out of the wine.
  5. My hubby (He amuses me, what can I say?) asking Scott Williams of Kiona Vineyards and Winery, “So, are all winemakers eccentric?”