The Woodinville Wine Cellars Odd Man Out (OMO) Malbec is 75% Still Water Creek Malbec and 25% Conner Lee Petit Verdot. Wine maker, Sean Boyd, calls this Washington  Malbec his Jazzy Malbec while the LMS  Malbec is his rock and roll. The nose is fresh currant, ripe raspberry and blueberry, a bit of eucalyptus and a tad of forest floor “funk”.  Eric calls it a “Wild Child” because of the hint of funk.

Woodinville Wine Cellars

Sean Boyd and Eric Ungor

The palate exhibits  more currant, lush plum, some tart cherry, lots of spice, bit of leather and black tea. This is one of those wines that evolves as you gently swirl it in your mouth. The fruits step forward first, followed by the spice and finished with gripping tannins. The big fruit and big tannins plead for a bit longer nap before beginning to reach potential. Hit the snooze button on this wine and let it get its beauty sleep for a couple more years. Just tuck it into your cellar for a nap. Sean suggests this wine will be prime drinking 2011-2015 and beyond

But if you just can’t wait… decant this wine and let it rest a couple of hours before you pour it into your glass. Then pair this big Washington Malbec with some thing big and juicy. Eric Ungor, Cellar Master suggests making a cheese sauce by mixing  1 c milk with 1 c sour cream and mixing in LOTS of Gorgonzola cheese, then serve the sauce over rare steak.