The Last Man Standing (LMS) is 100% Malbec from Conner Lee Vineyard from Columbia Valley. This inky ruby wine smells like the fresh currants still hanging on my bushes in November,  concentrated and intense fruit aromas. Potent vanilla and spice, accented with a hint of eucalyptus completes the aroma profile.

On the palate, this Washington Malbec  exhibits bright acidity with a currant flavor that “pop”s in your mouth. Plum, blackberry and a bit of wild blueberry complete the fruit flavor profile complemented with Mexican cocoa. The tannins are sturdy, forming the framework for the big flavors of this wine. The tannins are big, the fruit is big, the alcohol is big and the acid is high, but those big elements are balanced. Eric, the Woodinville Wine Cellar Rat, calls this a “Good rain wine” and I would have to agree. This is a wine that you want to hunker down with.

The Last Man Standing (LMS) Malbec is a young wine that hints at its potential, especially when aerated. Bright fruit and gripping tannins allude to its ability to age well.  I am going to let this bottle lie a bit to let it “grow in to its feet”  a bit.