Whidbey Port – a delicious find

My local Lake City Fred Meyers was like a treasure trove for me yesterday. I was delighted to find some affordable end of the season Roquefort cheese! Immediately I thought Port and started my search for an affordable and tasty port to enjoy. I was surprised and delighted to find Whidbey Port, a Washington State  Port wine for about $12. I didn’t think I would find a Washington Port, especially in neighborhood grocery store. In the far deep recesses of my aged mind, I knew that Whidbey Winery did a port but with all the changes at the winery over the years it has slipped my mind.

This Whidbey Port was a gorgeous, deep, ripe blackberry color.  The aroma was lush blackberry with a touch of vanilla on the nose. The port had legs and a rich mouth feel but it was not cloyingly sweet. The flavor was fruity, yet complex.  It starts big with blackberry, bing cherry and chocolate and evolves into plum,vanilla, a touch of toast and finishes with silky licorice. It is a vintage port, although it was only 2007, it showed surprising balance, body and complexity.

It was a luscious, paired with the Roquefort cheese. The cheese cut back a bit of the sugar in the port while the port reduced the salty edge of the cheese so its complex flavors could really shine through. It was a lovely salty sweet match that served as a great bridge between dinner and our dessert.

Our dessert was cherry vanilla ice cream, fresh sweet cherries and a small piece of orange chocolate, paired with the port. The cherry vanilla ice cream really brought out the cherry flavor of the ice cream. It was luscious!

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  1. Dave says:

    The sweetness of the port went very well with the saltiness of the cheese and crackers, as well as with the sweetness of the ice cream dish. I’m not versed in food and wine pairing, but it was very delicious.

  2. Robin says:

    I love Whidbey port with dark chocolate for dessert, but I have trouble finding it.

  3. Bean says:

    I was delighted to find the Whidbey Port at our neighborhood Fred Meyers. Do you have a Fred Meyers close to you Robin? Even if it isn’t on the shelf right now, they should be able to get it to you. Let us know if you need any assistance.

  4. Lee says:

    I agree that this is a good port for the price. However, Whidbeys Port is not produced by the Whidbey Island Winery. It is made by M.W. Whidbeys (one of the many subsidiary brands of Chateau Ste. Michelle), located in the Horse Heaven Hills AVA near Paterson, Washington.

  5. Miliani says:

    I was gazing through the wine section at my local QFC in North Bend and low and behold, there was Whidbeys Port staring back and me. Bought a fe wbottles. One for home and the others as Christmas gifts to go with my homemade truffles.

  6. Doreen says:

    I live in Texas and I had Whidbeys Port a few years ago on a trip to Seattle. I thought it was lovely (the port and the city). Of course the port isn’t sold here but I was wondering if anyone knew of a place that would ship. Thanks.

  7. Jacob Kost says:

    Excellent port! Worth at least 4 times the price. In line with good Portugese port. Wish I could find it outside of WA state!

  8. Jack says:

    I too have been looking for Whidbys Port and safeway said they would order it. After that i would have to locate it on the ShELF ?
    Fred Meyers in Eugene said they couldnt get it.


    • Bean says:

      I am not familiar with Eugene so I am not sure about your wine store options. Wine World, our sponsor, carries Whidbey Port and they are opening an e-commerce site later this week. They might be able to ship it to you once that site goes live.

  9. Jesse Leckie says:

    They closed the vineyard that makes the port wine on Whidbey Island. It’s part of St Michelle’s wine. I’ve been looking for it forever!

  10. Derek G says:

    It is still made though only available in Washington and maybe Oregon. Check out Safeway, Tops, Fred Meyer… anywhere that has a Port section. It is also still for sale via the Chateau Ste Michelle tasting room, though it can get lost amongst all the wine they sell there, you may have to ask…

  11. Zach says:

    I pulled this site up while shopping at Safeway (75th and Roosevelt Way in Seattle). I bought the 2009, ran me about $14. This is one of the better ports I have been able to find at a large chain. Very creamy and sweet, no bitterness. Raspberries and milk chocolate.

  12. I found this in Top Food in Yakima, WA. We are looking forward to trying this today, especially after reading all the reviews. Would have hit it yesterday but couldn’t find the cork screw.

  13. Alex Jorge says:

    This has been one of my favorite ports over the past 9 years after moving up to WA from CA. I didn’t want to open/finish some of my treasured ports from past trips to Portugal, so I happened to check available ports at my local Safeway. I was surprised to see that there was a locally produced port for less than $20. I figured it was cheap (way less than the usual $50-60 imported port) and worth a try. Much to my surprise and also any family/friends that visit me – Whidbeys Port is awesome. It’s very smooth and bold – legs for days. I try to finish the bottle within 3-4 days while it’s fresh. In the summer, it’s great drizzled over fresh ripe melon. Goes well with dark chocolate, fresh flaky pastry, and like mentioned before, ice cream. Definitely a WA state treasure. I’ve only had bottles purchased since 2007, so I can’t comment on the taste before. I’ll be going to Safeway and QFC soon, because I just opened my last bottle. If you need help locating some, contact me via FB, I’m searchable via my name.

  14. Kurt says:

    Ok, so ports can only be from the duoro region in portugal, this is a dessert wine. Not a port

  15. K-Lou Ashmore says:

    Is unopened 2000 Whidbey port drinkable?

    • Bean says:

      Yes, it is drinkable. How it will taste will depend on how it was stored. It will taste best if it was stored on its side in a relatively cool dark place.If it was exposed to a lot of light and heat, it may have oxidized more, turning a purplish brown color. Some people enjoy oxidized flavors, others don’t.

  16. Rachel Hills says:

    I was given a bottle during a car sale a few months ago, I started reading about it here while planning our Christmas desert. Now I’m excited to try it, only 9 more days! Also, I found a site called that I would imagine can ship anywhere. Hopefully I’ll be using that site myself. Happy Holidays to all!

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