My local Lake City Fred Meyers was like a treasure trove for me yesterday. I was delighted to find some affordable end of the season Roquefort cheese! Immediately I thought Port and started my search for an affordable and tasty port to enjoy. I was surprised and delighted to find Whidbey Port, a Washington State  Port wine for about $12. I didn’t think I would find a Washington Port, especially in neighborhood grocery store. In the far deep recesses of my aged mind, I knew that Whidbey Winery did a port but with all the changes at the winery over the years it has slipped my mind.

This Whidbey Port was a gorgeous, deep, ripe blackberry color.  The aroma was lush blackberry with a touch of vanilla on the nose. The port had legs and a rich mouth feel but it was not cloyingly sweet. The flavor was fruity, yet complex.  It starts big with blackberry, bing cherry and chocolate and evolves into plum,vanilla, a touch of toast and finishes with silky licorice. It is a vintage port, although it was only 2007, it showed surprising balance, body and complexity.

It was a luscious, paired with the Roquefort cheese. The cheese cut back a bit of the sugar in the port while the port reduced the salty edge of the cheese so its complex flavors could really shine through. It was a lovely salty sweet match that served as a great bridge between dinner and our dessert.

Our dessert was cherry vanilla ice cream, fresh sweet cherries and a small piece of orange chocolate, paired with the port. The cherry vanilla ice cream really brought out the cherry flavor of the ice cream. It was luscious!

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