Last Sunday we tried Three Rivers Winery 2007 Late Harvest Gewurztraminer after an Italian family dinner. Three Rivers Winery is located in Walla Walla and the grapes for this vintage came from Biscuit Ridge Vineyards. This Washington dessert wine has 12 % alcohol and 7.5% residual sugar. On the aroma we got pear, some tropical fruit and unfortunately soap. The initial flavors of this late harvest Gewurtraminer had a nice toned down sweetness and the the wine was not syrupy. The finish was another story, it had some strange vegetal notes. The finish was very flat and short with a hint of bitterness.

We tried the wine on its own and then made the poor decision to pair it with a great lemon cream pie and chocolate brownies which only highlighted the bitter notes of this wine.

The Good News

This wine was on sale for $8.99. We are always looking for a deal.

The Bad News

Sorry, none of us liked it. It wasn’t worth even $8.99 and we poured the rest down the drain.