Sipping  Silver Lake Riesling in the yard, at the end of a hot and sunny day. This sweet Silver Lake Winery Riesling was the ideal accompaniment to the luscious strawberries fresh from my garden.

Silver Lake Winery Roza Riesling

Silver Lake Winery Roza Riesling

I am not usually that fond of sweeter wines,  but this was a perfect night for this wine. I was grilling some spicy sausage and veggies on the BBQ when I glimpsed the red ripe strawberries in the side garden.   I wanted a wine that  I could enjoy while I was cooking and would pair with dinner. The sweetness of  the Silver Lake Roza Riesling tempered some of the heat in the spicy sausage and echoed the juicy fruit sweetness of fresh watermelon and the strawberries. It was delicious, especially with the fruit!

This wine is very pale and clear. It has a pleasing, light floral nose. The flavor is bursting with ripe pear, honey and a touch of strawberry. The Riesling has a pleasing acidity that balances the sweetness. The acidity is reminiscent of a  squeeze of fresh lemon. The lengthy finish is smooth and soft. It exhibits no cloying syrupy aftertaste that can be so common in sweet wines. The finish is actually refreshing, the mouth sensation is like a sweetened lemonade on a hot day.  I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Normally I would not go for a wine with this level of sweetness, but Silver Lake Roza Riesling is so well balanced. The fruit and acidity create a bright and refreshing balance to the close to 3% residual sugar in this lovely Washington wine.

The grapes for this Riesling grew on the Roza Hill Vineyards in Zillah. Zillah is just outside of Yakima and is part of  the Rattlesnake Hills Appellation of Washington State.

I am not the only one that enjoyed this wine. Silver Lake Rosa Riesling 2008 won Double Gold at the Seattle Wine Awards. At less than 10 dollars, this wine is an exceptional value. With my wine club discount, it was under $7 a bottle. That is just one of the reasons to check out their three tier wine club.

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