This Zinfandel is big but not too big to be a great pairing partner for your next BBQ. Silver Lake Winery Zinfandel is actually a 89% Zinfandel- 11% Syrah blend from the Roza Hills Vinyard in the RattleSnake Hills apellation. It is a lovely black raspberry color, lighter than most zinfandels with great clarity.  The aroma is big and fruity with lots of cherry and a touch of cassis on the nose. It has solid fruit but is not overly fruit forward with cherry, black berry and a touch of pepper. The tannins provide a  smooth structure but not overpowering. It has a nice bright acidity and a fine finish. It is a rare zinfandel that comes in under 14% ABV, but this one is at 13.9%. The alcohol in this zinfandel will not numb your palate like some of the stronger Zinfandels are prone to doing.

This lovely Silver Lake Winery Zinfandel  was a great choice for our BBQ. We started with some yummy  grilled, bacon wrapped, goat cheese stuffed dates. The Zinfandel was a great accompaniment to the salty, sweet, smoky and creamy appetizer.   I marinated a skirt steak with stoneground dijon mustard, chili powder, fresh garlic, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, fresh thyme and fresh ground pepper. Once again, the Silver Lake Zinfandel was a perfect foil to the complex, strong, smoky and savory flavors of this steak. We paired the steak with grilled zucchini and onions and a very simple salad of lettuce and sorrel fresh from the garden. The bright acidity and moderate tannins of this Silver Lake Winery Zinfandel made it a good compliment to all of the dishes but it really shone with the steak. We were practically fighting over the last tid bits of the beef so we could savor it with our last sips of this economical award winning Zinfandel. Priced at under $20, this wine won:
Award: Outstanding
Competition / Event: 2008 Wine Press Northwest

Silver Award: Best Buy
Rating: 85
Competition / Event: 2008 BTI – World Wine Championship – Syrah/Zinfandel

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