Rio Vista Gewürztraminer Ice Wine

We decided to share a bottle of Rio Vista Gewurztraminer Ice Wine  with friends at a Taste Live party. That Taste Live party may have been all about Robert Oatley  Australian wines but we always need to get our Washington wine fix! This time we decided to pour a dessert wine from our August 09 Featured Winery, Rio Vista.

i wish I had my camera ready when Vivian took her first sip. She had a look of bliss on her face.

She said “Oh… my… God!”

This was followed by a chorus of “WOW”s as the bottle made it around the table.  Initially our guests were entranced by the intense tropical nose. Ed always picks up a lot of jack fruit and mangosteen aromas on this wine. I think this wine got the most immediate enthusiastic reaction out of any of the wines that we have featured at our tasting parties.

We paired this wine with a luscious, real home made strawberry pie and the left over ricotta salata. The strawberry pie wasn’t too sweet and made a great accompaniment to the ice wine. We also loved the salty sweet combination of the ricotta salata.

Not letting a drop be wasted!

Not letting a drop be wasted!

As we were clearing the table, we noticed that there was a tiny bit of the ice wine left in the bottle. The wine glasses had already been washed but we couldn’t let the wine go to waste! Since Steven made that delicious strawberry pie, he got to finish off the bottle.

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  1. Ed says:

    I have nothing but BAD BAD things to say about this wine because I am greatly concerned after visiting John and Jan Little this weekend that they will soon run out of this vintage. So stay away and back off……MINE!!!!

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