Olympic Cellars Le Melange Nouveau

Le Melange Nouveau

Le Melange Nouveau

Olympic Cellars 2008 Le Melange Nouveau is a lavender infused Muller-Thurgau wine.  The Muller-Thurgau grape is a cool weather grape, ideally suited for the Puget Sound AVA.

The nose on this Washington wine is apple with some shy citrus around the edges.  After a few tastes are enjoyed, lavender shows up in the nose underneath the fruit.  In the mouth the wine feels light and almost crisp.  The flavors are subtle and enjoyable.  The lavender infusion appears lightly underneath and does not overwhelm the delicate Muller- Thurgau wine.  The finish is just as it should be for a cool climate white wine that should be drank within a year.  In other words, the finish is light and almost fleeting, clearing your palate for food or another sip of wine!

Lavender infused wine

Lavender infused wine

We paired the wine with a roasted sweet corn, blueberry, gravlax and basil salad.  The pairing is destined for a long term commitment.  The sweetness of the roasted corn and blueberries met the wine and softened it slightly allowing the fruit in both to play off one another. This Washington wine was also enhanced by serving with slivers of juicy, ripe cantaloupe.

Le Melange Nouveau is produced in very limited quantities and released every year as part of the Sequim Lavender Festival.  After the festival,  a lucky few can purchase the wine at the winery until the limited run is sold out. The bad news is that the 2008 wine is sold out. The good news is that 2009 looks to be a bumper crop for Muller-Thurgau in the Puget Sound AVA, according to Kathy Charlton of Olympic Cellars. Olympic Cellars is hoping to have estate Muller Thurgau as well as Muller Thurgau grapes from Bainbridge Island. Hopefully there will be a lot more of this wine to enjoy next year.

2 Responses to “Olympic Cellars Le Melange Nouveau”

  1. Bean says:

    I am not much in to fad wines, so I did not hold out high hopes for this wine. I was pleasantly surprised by this delicate, subtle and thoroughly lovely wine. I was worried that something as potent as lavender would overpower a delicately flavored grape like Muller-Thurgau but it didn’t at all. On the nose, the wine smelled like a wine not like a sachet. The lavender was more hinted at then heralded in this wine and I appreciated that.

    It was a nice sipping wine, a very pretty wine to enjoy on a lovely Indian Summer evening.

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  3. Dave says:

    The lavender wine was quite delicious and went very well with fruit like cantaloupe.

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