Rosé wines, like Seattle summers, always seem to not last long enough. This fact was painfully obvious when I finally organized my wine stash and came across sad, off-colored, forgotten Rosé’ wines that had languished with neglect.  Tears come to my eye as I recall pouring down wonderful Washington rosé wines down the drain. Lesson learned the hard way, drink those rosés NOW!

Tefft Cellars Huckleberry White

So  to commemorate the last days of our waning sunshine,  I opened up what I thought was my last Rosé.  It turned out to be Tefft Cellars 09 Huckleberry White. Rosy pink in color is where the similarities to rosé end. The Huckleberry white is a white wine to which huckleberry has been added. This Washington wine is  sweet and deliciously fragrant. Those of you who hate sweet wines will want to avoid this Huckleberry wine but for those that appreciate a bit of sweet in their life, like me, will enjoy this wine as a treat. The Huckleberry flavor is great with refreshing fresh berry tartness mid palate before offering a long sweet finish that lingers.  Best of all, two years old and this summery wine was still drinking great. Consider this wine as an option to sweeter rosé wines that will not last as long.

As for pairing…well a beautiful sunset does nicely. My friends and I enjoyed this wine on its own and I would hesitate to pair it with anything edible.  This wine is also a beautiful huckleberry color and would make a great gift for those with a sweet tooth.

Tefft Cellars is located in Outlook, Washington and have a tasting room in Woodinville. For information as to how to get this wine contact them at or 1-888-549-7244.