Who says Washington can’t produce a good Zinfandel? No one who has tasted the Maryhill 2006 Columbia Valley Zinfandel. This is a big wine as a Zinfandel is expected to be. The nose is redolent of black cherry, pepper, wood smoke and  tar.  It is fruit forward with lots of bing cherry  and blackberry. The acidity is moderate but prevents this from turning from fruit forward to fruit bomb.it has a nice round mouth to it and the flavors linger long enough  to pause before picking up your glass again for another sip.The tannin structure is also moderate but should pair well with your BBQed meats. We loved it with some Somerdale Red Dragon mature cheddar cheese with whole grain mustard and ale.

We picked this up at the Lake Chelan Red Apple store for a bargain $12. The Maryhill 2006 Zinfandel may not compete with an ancient vine Dry River Valley Zinfandel but I am not going to be able to pick up one of those for 12 dollars. This wine was an excellent value at that price. This Zinfandel was a great wine to enjoy overlooking the family vineyards overlooking lake Chelan. A full moon and Venus lit up the night sky while the crickets served as backdrop to our deck conversation.