Hazel Dell Brewery

The Hazel Dell Brewpub in Vancouver was the fifth stop on the WABL South-end Beer Bus. This brewpub is owned by a brother and sister team with the brother in charge of the beer and sister in charge of the food. We didn’t get a chance to sample any of the food on this trip

  • Porter
  • Steinweizen
  • Steinbock

This was a classic porter with a roasted malt flavor and a strong hop finish. Jonathan had a deeper appreciation for this porter with something to cleanse the palate in between sips than drinking it solo.

Steinweizen was another classic of its class. I could totally envision enjoying this beer on a hot summer day. Unfiltered wheat  beer with a sunny golden yellow color and a crisp flavor.

The regulars at the bar gave a rousing endorsement to the Steinbock so we opted for a quick sample glass. This is a  fantastic beer. It has a rich and smooth malt flavor. The hops contribute spice and a nice nip.  All three of us loved this beer. Our biggest disappointment was that they filled growlers but didn’t sell them. Otherwise we surely would have purchased  one! That teaches us not to come prepared with empty growlers. 🙁

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  1. Jonathan says:

    This was indeed a case of the need to talk to the locals when visiting a pub. They have a reason for coming back time and time again and, finding out why, can open up a treasure trove of new experiences and flavours. I thank the three gentlemen we talked for pointing us to the wonderful Steinbock.

    Another comment from me was the staff was attentive and quick to assist on any inquiry or order. The Hazel Dell was also very cozy and welcoming and I can see why people go there after work to relax and leave their troubles behind.

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