Barnard Griffin Zinfandel with Dinner

When Roger and I took our road trip to the Tri Cities Wine Festival, we made a couple of stops along the way. At wineries. One of which was Barnard Griffin, in Richland, Washington. Not many wineries in Washington produce Zinfandel. So when I find one I like, I buy it! Needless to say, I like this one. The Barnard Griffiin 2006 Reserve Zinfandel is claret colored with a clear rim. It releases vanilla and smoke on the nose. On the palate, this is a fruit forward wine that also gives off flavors of strawberry Jolly Rancher and  mocha. The acidity in this wine lends itself to pairing with food.

One of my favorite rainy day meals includes Joanne Weir’s Baked Onion and Bread Soup from her cookbook, More Cooking in the Wine Country. This dish is made for Zinfandel. In fact, it calls for Zinfandel in the recipe. So, it came as no surprise that it is a terrific match for the Barnard Griffin Zinfandel. A close alternative dish is the French Onion Soup from Fairbanks Fantastic Food and Feasts. Simply, substitute red wine for white in the preparation.

You can get a bottle of this Zinfandel for $25 for at the winery.