Saviah The Jack is well known as an economical red Washington wine, but WHICH red wine? For me, Saviah The Jack was synonymous with Syrah but there is a Saviah The Jack Cabernet Sauvignon and a Saviah The Jack Red so I was curious when Washington Wine Report chose the Saviah Jack Red Wine  as the June virtual tasting wine.

Saviah Jack Red Blend label

Which Saviah Jack are you drinking?

Saviah Cellars is in Walla Walla but the The Jack Red is sourced from Columbia Valley fruit. You have to read The Jack label carefully to pull the relevant information from their playing card styled label. I heard a few people picked up the wrong varietal because the labels for the Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Red wine look so similar. I highlighted the label to make it easier for you to recognize it on the store shelves.

Saviah Jack Red Wine

Saviah Jack Red Wine 2009

This red Washington wine is a deep boysenberry in color with purple rim. This red table wine  opened up tight. Give this wine a swirl or two and more than a couple of minutes to open it up. At first sniff, I got an adult version of a cherry cola. This wine was smelling pretty  boozy at first, but the excess alcohol  blew off as the wine opened up. I kind of wished that I had ran out to my car and grabbed my Soiree for this wine. I got called away during the virtual tasting and this was a different animal when I returned to my lonely glass 45 minutes later.
Fast forward and this wine gives off some rich coffee notes, while retaining the cola essence. A bit of toffee is peaking around the corners while cherry remains the predominant fruit. A full bodied wine for the price point, fellow tasters found this Washington wine for $11.99 to $15.99 a bottle.  Tart cherry, hint of vanilla and solid tannins in the mouth. The label said 14.3% alcohol but I was getting a fair amount of heat off of this wine, leaving a bit of burn around the gums. I find that sensation to be distracting when I drink wine but I know others dig it. The impact of the alcohol in the initial nose and on the palate makes me question this as a pairing wine for most meals. On the other hand, if you want an inexpensive Washington red wine to sip and kick back with friends, Saviah The Jack may be just what you are looking for.

The Jack Suggestions

  • Shop around for the best price, this wine was available for purchase between $11.99 (Costco) to $15.99 (QFC). I think $15.99 is too much to pay for this wine and the other tasters seemed to agree. On the other hand, it is a solid deal for $11.99. Most tasters thought $10-$12 would be the most appropriate price for this wine.
  • Open this wine 30 minutes before drinking or consider decanting it.

Want to learn more about what others thought of this wine? Check out the hashtag #saviah to see what others on Twitter think of this wine. Washington Wine Report hosts a virtual tasting the last week of every month.