Belgianfest 2013: Bigger and Better

Belgianfest 2013 was a dream day for sour beer lovers. I think there was close to twice the number of sour beers than at prior Belgianfests.  As a sour beer lover, I was a very happy girl.This was the 4th annual belgianfest and I think it was the Washington Beer Commission’s ‘best one yet. Previous Belgianfests were really crowded but this second year at the Bell Harbor Conference Center was a... read more

New at Washington Brewer Festival 2012

Every year there are new surprises at the Washington Beer Commission Brewer’s Festival. This year is no different with new breweries, new food vendors, new activities and of course new Washington beers! The big news is the move of the Washington Brewers’ Festival to Marymoor Park in Redmond. St Edwards Park was a well loved location for previous brewfests, except for the limited parking and no... read more

I Survived Seattle Beer Week 2012

It all began with a bus ride 11 days ago to four Seattle Beer Week kick off parties and concluded with the Brewer’s Hangover Brunch and BBQ at Malt and Vine. In between, I enjoyed two brewer’s dinners, beer and oysters, brewery competitions, two beer classes, special beer releases and many, many glasses of beer and over 20 different events! I managed to take a bunch of pictures and take  a lot... read more

SBW Day 2: Sour and Stout

Everything can fade in comparison to the annual Back in Black Stout fest, but there were plenty of opportunities for the non-stout lover to get your fix of beer and fun on Friday in Seattle. Seattle Beer Week boasted 21 different events for Friday. Go ahead and call me a wuss because I only made it to two of them. Noble Fir possessed two things that I really wanted on Friday: a ladies cut Seattle Beer Week... read more

Seattle Beer Week 2011: Ales, Lagers, Parties, Oh My!

It is just one week until the 2011 Seattle Beer Week kicks off on May 19th. Seattle Beer Week, organized by the Seattle Beer Collective is actually TEN full days of  celebrating beer. I am not fooling when I say it is FULL of beer.  Averaging 12 events daily to enjoy beer from the can, bottle, cask, firken and keg, Seattle Beer Week has up to 25 beer events a day! This is an opportunity to rub elbows... read more

Beer and Cheese Challenge 2011

On the first truly sunny Sunday in Seattle, a group of serious beer lovers forsake the sun to answer the question: What is the best beer and cheese pairing? The unanimous choice was… Before we get to the winner, what was compelling enough to get this group of beer lovers off their bicycles and down from their hikes to come inside for beer and cheese? The Brew Site publishes sessions, with different... read more

Belgianfest 2011- Sold Out Success

W ashington Beer Commission’s 2nd annual Belgianfest was a showcase for Washington brewers’ skill and creativity in crafting Belgian style brews. Although last year’s inaugural Belgianfest was relatively small, this year’s boasted a bigger location, more brewers and more beer! Even with a bigger location at Magnuson Park, both tasting sessions of Belgianfest 2011 sold out. It was... read more

Belgianfest 2011: Washington Beer – Belgian Style

The second annual Washington Beer Commission’s Belgianfest takes place January 22, 2011 at Warren G. Magnuson Park. Belgianfest is a celebration of Belgian style beers crafted by 25 Washington Breweries:  Tripels, Dubbles, Saisons, Wits, Abbeys and Lambics. All Washington beers at this festival will be brewed with Belgian yeast. Over 50 beers will be on tap this year, including some of our favorites... read more

Great Pumpkin Beer Fest Attracts Huge Crowds Saturday

Gone are the days of people pooh poohing pumpkin beer. Before noon, eager beer lovers lined up for the Elysian Great Pumpkin Beer Fest. At noon, patrons paid $18 to be equipped with a pumpkin glass, six beer tickets and a beer guide. Outside in the back parking lot, five beer stations were set up with six taps each. Thirty pumpkin beers from around the country were first up on tap. 13 other pumpkin beers... read more

Friday Night Highlights: Washington Brewers Fest 2010

The annual Washington Brewers’ Festival began with the ringing of the seminary bell on a gorgeous Friday afternoon in St Edwards park. The sun was shining but the temperature was mild as patrons roamed the festival grounds in search of their favorite beers. Friday night varies from the rest of the festival in three ways: Friday is adult only, families are welcome the rest of the weekend. Only select... read more

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