Membership has its benefits: WABL Beer Bus Tour

The WABL Brewery Bus Tour is an opportunity for beer geeks to spend a day visiting and learning about the breweries in a specific region of Washington state. Some of the very first posts on this blog were about the 2009 WABL Brewery Bus Tour and the great experience we had learning about breweries in the South-West region of the state. In 201o, the bus tour of beer lovers will head west and explore... read more

Silver City Fat Scotch Ale meets Tempeh

Beer and vegetarian fare may seem like strange bedfellows, but some relationships just work. Recently, I discovered a tempeh and mushroom dish that was so delightful I made it over and over, gathering feedback from friends, especially vegetarian and vegan friends, and customizing it to our liking.  The original recipe, Tempeh in Hearty Mushroom-Lager Sauce was published by Vegetarian Times.  The most... read more

Fremont Oktoberfest Friday

We made sure that we were one of the first few through the gates at the Fremont Oktoberfest Friday evening. We like to party with the best of them, but we also appreciate low volume crowds so we can really savor our beer while the sun is shining. As the sun goes down, the crowds come and the streets turn into Party Town. It is fun but we find it easier to review beers when it is less crowded and easier to... read more

Beveridge Place Pub: Quality brew from near and far

I have already written about the great Silver City Brewery Eau Sombre we had last week at Beveridge Place Pub located in West Seattle (address: 6415 California Ave SW; phone (206) 932-9906).  First a big kudos to this fine establishment.  It is a very large establishment separated into two rooms.  The first room, containing the all important and gorgeous bar, has an assortment of dining tables, comfy... read more

Silver City Eau Sombre

Perfection in a glass.  The first time I remember trying this lovely nectar was at a Naked City Taphouse beer and food pairing event for Seattle Beer Week.  Silver City Brewery Eau Sombre is a deep dark amber color and has a lot of the traits of Barley wine: slightly sweet, has a very intense body and a hefty alcohol intent. This lovely Silver City Eau Sombre was available on tap at the Beverage Place... read more

Silver City Fat Woody

I had two opportunities to enjoy the Silver City Fat Woody during Seattle Beer Week. the first time was with Jeramie and Andrea at the Elysian during the Washington vs California firkin event. The second opportunity was at the Bodacious Beverage night  at Beveridge Place Pub. The Silver City Fat Woody is my idea of the perfect winter brew. It is a beautiful deep toffee brown. The first sip is a smoky... read more

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