Seattle Beer Week 5th Anniversary

This year, Seattle Beer Week is celebrating its 5th anniversary! Although Seattle Beer Week isn’t until May 9-19th, beer makers and beer lovers are hard at work with Seattle Beer Week preparations. Already a great pub crawl is planned on Mother’s Day. Food and beer go together and you will have ample opportunities to indulge in beer and tasty treats from oysters to chocolate to full brewmaster... read more

I Survived Seattle Beer Week 2012

It all began with a bus ride 11 days ago to four Seattle Beer Week kick off parties and concluded with the Brewer’s Hangover Brunch and BBQ at Malt and Vine. In between, I enjoyed two brewer’s dinners, beer and oysters, brewery competitions, two beer classes, special beer releases and many, many glasses of beer and over 20 different events! I managed to take a bunch of pictures and take  a lot... read more

Sip & Slurp: Beer & Oyster Pairing Competition

Saturday May 12, 2012 was the first annual Sip & Slurp: Beer & Oyster Pairing Competition. Wine World (blog sponsor) and Taylor Shellfish teamed with breweries to offer this tasty and fun event for Seattle Beer Week. The classic beer pairing with oysters is a stout or porter. On our advice, Wine World sought out a diverse assortment of beers with an emphasis on Washington beers. 17 beers were... read more

SBW Day 2: Sour and Stout

Everything can fade in comparison to the annual Back in Black Stout fest, but there were plenty of opportunities for the non-stout lover to get your fix of beer and fun on Friday in Seattle. Seattle Beer Week boasted 21 different events for Friday. Go ahead and call me a wuss because I only made it to two of them. Noble Fir possessed two things that I really wanted on Friday: a ladies cut Seattle Beer Week... read more

1,2,3,4 SBW Kick off parties!

The 4th annual Seattle Beer Week started off with a bang and FOUR kick off parties! Ed and I started our night out at the Elysian for the Mayor’s proclamation and the tapping of the official 2012 Seattle Beer Week beer, the Elysian Slip Shot Espresso Stout.  We had are unofficial start to Seattle Beer Week with a bottle of Slip Shot with our lunch earlier that day, but I am a sucker for a fresh brew... read more

Seattle Beer Week Royalty – Elysian Split Shot

The official brew for Seattle Beer Week 2012 . . . Split Shot Espresso Milk Stout brewed by Elysian Brewing Co. and invented by Steve Luke. What?  A stout – a beer style that is more malty than hoppy.   Has hell frozen over here in the state of Washington?  Up to now the official Seattle Beer Week beers have focused on hops, not malt, reflecting what  seems to be the... read more

Seattle Beer Week 2012

Beer lovers from around the country are descending upon Seattle to celebrate the best beer week. Today marks the beginning of the 4th annual Seattle Beer Week. From now until May 20, 2012 you can find all sorts of events celebrating beer. These beer events range from brewer nights to classes to Mother’s Day brunches to competitions to crazy parties. Beer is definitely the star of the week but has a great... read more

Seattle Beer Week 2011 Final Weekend

Are you ready for the final weekend of Seattle Beer Week 2011? It has been a long, fun and sometimes overwhelming week of beer in Seattle. I can’t count how many times that I wish I could have cloned myself and be at two or more Seattle Beer Week events at once. But it isn’t over yet baby, this weekend is packed with beer activities to cheer up your Memorial Day weekend, regardless of the... read more

Beer vs Wine: Dinner at the Waterfront Seafood Grill

Which will emerge triumphant when it comes to pairing with dinner: beer or wine? Kristen Young, Sommelier of the Year 2011, in one corner and the iconic Charles Finkel, founder of Pike Brewing, in the other corner have created a unique beer vs wine pairing dinner at the Waterfront Seafood Grill for the closing night of Seattle Beer Week, May 29th. Last year, Kristen sparred beer vs wine with Sam Calagione,... read more

Pike Brewer Reunion: Celebrating Brewer Expertise, Skill and Community

If you have been trying to keep track of Washington brewer affiliation, you might feel like you are playing a game of musical chairs as brewers seek out new challenges, opportunities and life styles. In fact one of your goals of Seattle Beer Week might be to find out where all of your favorite brewers are these days! There has been a recent flurry of activity but it part of the brewery culture and brewer... read more

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