Best Booth at Brewers’s Festival 2012

The award to the BEST beer booth at the 2012 Washington Brewers’ Festival goes to Big Time Brewery and the Ram Restaurant and Brewery! OK there really isn’t any awards for booth design at the Fathers’ Day Brewfest at Marymoor Park but check out the virtual tour of the saloon, provided to us by Drew Cluley, head brewer at Big Time Brewery. The same creativity that went into the booth... read more

New at Washington Brewer Festival 2012

Every year there are new surprises at the Washington Beer Commission Brewer’s Festival. This year is no different with new breweries, new food vendors, new activities and of course new Washington beers! The big news is the move of the Washington Brewers’ Festival to Marymoor Park in Redmond. St Edwards Park was a well loved location for previous brewfests, except for the limited parking and no... read more

Brewers’ Fest 2011 Beer Review – Day one

Last night was a great time to be drinking beer in the park, especially when we are talking the opening night for the Washington Brewers Festival at St Edwards Park. The sun was shining, the beer was cold, except for the cask conditioned brews :-P, and the crowds were big enough to give it a party like atmosphere but small enough that most of the beer lines were manageable. Friday nights are known to... read more

Washington beers win at 2010 Great American Beer Festival

Last weekend, brewers and beer lovers converged in Denver for the Great American Beer Festival (GABF). According to the Guinness  Book of World records, there are more beers on tap at GABF than anywhere else. More than 2,000 different beers from more than 450 of the nation’s finest breweries were available for tasting. In addition to the public tasting, beers were submitted for judging in 79... read more

North American Brewers’ Association Awards Washington Beer Excellence

For three days the judges sampled and sipped some of the best beers in North America. It was a tough job but the North American Brewers’ Association was up to the task of judging more than 1000 beers. 22 Washington beers won medals at the North American Beer Awards, including nine gold awards! Washington breweries swept the Scotch ale category at the 2010 North American Beer Awards with Laht Nappur... read more

Belgianfest 2010 Review

The first annual Washington Beer Commission Belgianfest took place this weekend at the Georgetown Studios Engine Room.  Belgianfest featured over 50 Belgian inspired beers crafted by Washington breweries. The event was divided into two tasting sessions. The first ran from 12-4 and the second session ran from 6-10pm. Since it was a working weekend for Ed, we attended the evening session. I was really... read more

Big Time planned for Big Time Brewery Birthday

Bill Jenkins, head brew master at Big Time Brewery, has put together a whirlwind tour of beers from Big Time brewers past and present in celebration of Big Time Brewery’s 21st Birthday! There will be a collection of guest beers, (all IPAs) from some of the former Big Time brewers over the years, including kegs from: Elysian Pike Brewing Northgate Ram Port Townsend Big Time will  also release... read more

Ram Wild Sleigher

Sipping some Wild Sleigher from Ram Brewery at the Brouwer’s Cafe. Ram’s Sleigher is one of my favorite holiday treats. I especially love the aged Sleigher where it gains such smoothness and complexity. Seductively smooth, an aged Sleigher will slay  you down if you are not careful. You don’t session Sleigher unless you got a cab or a cot near by. The Wild Sleigher here at the Brouwser’s Cafe... read more

Washington State Brewery and Beers win GABF awards

The Great American Beer Festival closes today and Washington State is walking away with a number of awards. A very special congratulations to Chuckanut Brewery for winning Small Brewpub and Small Brewpub Brewer of the Year! In addition, congratulations to Washington State breweries that won awards for individual brews. Chuckanut Brewery Redhook Ales Pyramid Breweries Ram Restaurant Brewery Silver City... read more

ZZ Hop Release Party – Celebrating the Life and Brews of Jim Quilter

A celebration and memorial is brewing at the Ram Restaurant and Brewery on August 26 for Jim Quilter. Unfortunately, Ed and I will be out of town and unable to attend but we want to honor the man that inspired Quilter’s Irish Death, one of our favorite brews. We are looking for a guest blogger that can attend the event and raise a glass to Jim. Contact us if you are willing to attend and do a brief... read more

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