Seattle Beer Week 2011 Final Weekend

Are you ready for the final weekend of Seattle Beer Week 2011? It has been a long, fun and sometimes overwhelming week of beer in Seattle. I can’t count how many times that I wish I could have cloned myself and be at two or more Seattle Beer Week events at once. But it isn’t over yet baby, this weekend is packed with beer activities to cheer up your Memorial Day weekend, regardless of the... read more

Beer vs Wine: Dinner at the Waterfront Seafood Grill

Which will emerge triumphant when it comes to pairing with dinner: beer or wine? Kristen Young, Sommelier of the Year 2011, in one corner and the iconic Charles Finkel, founder of Pike Brewing, in the other corner have created a unique beer vs wine pairing dinner at the Waterfront Seafood Grill for the closing night of Seattle Beer Week, May 29th. Last year, Kristen sparred beer vs wine with Sam Calagione,... read more

Pike Brewer Reunion: Celebrating Brewer Expertise, Skill and Community

If you have been trying to keep track of Washington brewer affiliation, you might feel like you are playing a game of musical chairs as brewers seek out new challenges, opportunities and life styles. In fact one of your goals of Seattle Beer Week might be to find out where all of your favorite brewers are these days! There has been a recent flurry of activity but it part of the brewery culture and brewer... read more

Beer and Cheese Challenge 2011

On the first truly sunny Sunday in Seattle, a group of serious beer lovers forsake the sun to answer the question: What is the best beer and cheese pairing? The unanimous choice was… Before we get to the winner, what was compelling enough to get this group of beer lovers off their bicycles and down from their hikes to come inside for beer and cheese? The Brew Site publishes sessions, with different... read more

Tis the Season for Chocolate and Wine (and BEER) – UPDATED

I hope you made the desired progress on those New Year’s resolutions because February is the month to celebrate with Chocolate, Wine and Beer in Washington state! From Enumclaw to Wenatchee to Walla Walla, there are chocolate, wine and beer festivals for you to enjoy this month. Every weekend brings at least one event where wine and chocolate play a starring role. Although the red wine and chocolate... read more

Pike Brewing Chocofest Celebrates Sensual Delights

Pike Brewing‘s Chocofest is an opportunity to revel in your passion for chocolate. Billed as “Foreplay before the Big Day“, the 3rd annual Chocofest is February 10, 2011, annually held on the Thursday before Valentine’s Day. Join your hosts Charles and Rose Ann Finkel as your hosts for a decadent evening of sampling exquisite chocolate treats, paired with a dazzling array of beer,... read more

Pretzel Crusted Pickle Pairing with Pike Brewing

Who knew that pretzels and pickles could create a lip smacking good beer and wine pairing? Midwestern natives like myself understand the attraction of fried pickles but it was the culinary creativity of my Washington friends that gifted me with this blissful pairing. Here at Washington Wine & Beer we started a tradition of celebrating each other during our respective birth months.  Since we are all... read more

Celebrate Seattle History with Old Bawdy Barleywine Vertical Tasting

Pike Brewing will host its Annual Old Bawdy Vertical Tasting this Sunday, January 30, 2011.  This is a unique opportunity to sample rare, archived vintages of Pike Brewing’s Old Bawdy Barleywine. Taste 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and the 2010 vintages  side by side. Unlike most other types of beers, barleywines often improve with age. An aged barleywine can gain additional complexity and  luscious... read more

Wine meets beer: WBC or Bust bus stops at Pike Brewing

So why did a bunch of wine bloggers on the WBC or Bust road trip stop for beer at Pike Brewing Company? Most wine makers will tell you that: It takes a lot of beer to make a great wine! Wine makers will tell how they keep a keg stocked during crush, how they like a cold brew after being out in the vineyards or how they use beer to refresh their palates after a day of blending trials. But on the consumer... read more

Feliz Compleaños at the Dray

Feliz Compleaños (Happy Second Anniversary) to the Dray! Pike Brewing Company helped the Dray celebrate their second anniversary in fine Spanish style with a big parking lot party in the back. The parking lot was gussied up with straw to cover the hot black asphalt, kegs provided the seating and tables and the sun added to the festive atmosphere. Andy Walls, Pike Place Brewery, was the chef of the day... read more

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