Great Pumpkin Beer Fest Attracts Huge Crowds Saturday

Gone are the days of people pooh poohing pumpkin beer. Before noon, eager beer lovers lined up for the Elysian Great Pumpkin Beer Fest. At noon, patrons paid $18 to be equipped with a pumpkin glass, six beer tickets and a beer guide. Outside in the back parking lot, five beer stations were set up with six taps each. Thirty pumpkin beers from around the country were first up on tap. 13 other pumpkin beers... read more

Black BANNED Brewery?

Geoff at Seattle Beer News broke the new first about Black Raven Brewery losing their trademark case on 6/21/10. Black Raven Brewing has been trying for two years to trademark their brewery name but their attempts to do so have been blocked by Ravenwood winery which currently holds the trademark for Ravenwood, Raging Raven and Ravens. OK I get the first two, the name of their winery and I presume the name... read more

Over the Mountain We Go with Naked City

During Seattle Beer Week, Naked City Brewery and Tap House made a special effort to make sure that our brewers on the other side of the mountains were not forgotten. All day long on May 15, Eastern Washington brewers were featured on tap as well as Washington brewers from outside Seattle and some Naked City brews.  We got there a little late in the day but there were still some Eastern Washington brews on... read more

Seattle Beer Week: Featured Brewery 5/10

How can we pick a single Washington Brewery for May when so many Washington breweries are doing such great things for Seattle Beer Week? Seattle Beer Week actually lasts eleven days because hey who is going to say no to more reasons to drink beer?  Over 200 events provide you with opportunities to drink beer from near and far. Brewmasters from the smallest local nano breweries like Epic Ales to famous... read more

Effective, Efficient Twitter for Beer Wine Industry

Twitter has proven itself as a powerful means to disperse information, news and reviews in the beer and wine world. A number of Washington wineries have been very successful in building and maintaining customer enthusiasm and loyalty via utilizing Twitter. Walter Dacon Wines started their Twitter account just days before they were nominated in our reader’s choice Tasting Room poll. Twitter was part... read more

Naked City Beer Premiere

Naked City Tap House has had brewer’s nights before but on Tuesday, December 8, Naked City will be the featured brewer! Naked City has completed all of the licensing processes to become a commercial craft brewery. Naked City brewers  have been busy brewing and have four of their own brews to share: Yankee Drifter: A light ale brewed with pilsner and honey malts and German Tettnanger hops. A... read more

Perfect pairing: Black Raven and Naked City Tap House

It was one of THOSE days. You know the ones I mean, where everything goes wrong and your last nerve is so frayed a breath could snap it? I often say that I want a drink but it is days like today that make me say that I need a drink. Thank goodness we were mere blocks away from Naked City Brewery and TapHouse. I ordered the Black Raven La Petit Mort, while Ed ordered a Naked City Dubbel. The La Petit Mort,... read more

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