Thanksgiving Wine and Beer

Under and around the mounds of food on your Thanksgiving table, what will you be offering or bringing to drink? Wine is often the first choice, but it doesn’t have to be the only choice. Just for fun, I whipped up a mock Thanksgiving dinner and put a number of wines and two beers to the taste test for big day. I cooked up a quick mock Thanksgiving dinner of citrus herb run turkey breast, garlic... read more

Wine and Friends: Universal Pairing

This not about Washington wine but the universal pairing of friends and wine. Wine is a memory maker, elevating peak experiences into an indelible image that imprints itself onto one’s soul. Being friends with Gil Rieben was a peak experience and the wine we shared over the years served as the ink,writing our tale of friendship. Wine is a living thing, used in rituals to celebrate life and acknowledge... read more

Cascade Valley Wine Country: Apples, Wines and Views

When people think of wine in Washington state, they tend to think of Ws: Walla Walla and Woodinville.  Yet there is another  W in Washington wine: Wentachee. Wentachee usually brings thoughts of apples but some of those apple and pear growers in the Cascade Valley have turned their agricultural expertise and passion for fruit into wine. Although there is certainly wine made from fruit like the Apple... read more

Müller-Thurgau: Another Sparkling Wine from Icicle Ridge

Sparkling wines are a great way to celebrate. In the last month, I have had the pleasure of celebrating two birthdays with Icicle Ridge Winery Sparkling Müller-Thurgau. I first tasted this Washington sparkling wine at a Jonathan Kingham concert at Icicle Ridge. The concert was the night before winemaker Don Wood’s birthday so a toast and some bubbly was called for. The winery staff served glasses of... read more

Revisiting 2010 Seattle Wine Award Winners

It’s been over a month since The 2010 Seattle Wine Awards Grand Tasting took place, and the memory of that fabulous day is still fresh! If you’ve read the posts by Bean and Ed, you know this is an event not to be missed. In my humble opinion, this wine event is exceptional from start to finish. Seattle Wine Awards Executive Director Christopher Chan does an excellent job of taking care of the industry... read more

2009 The Blondes: Icicle Ridge Winery

Named in honor of the Wagoner daughters, the Icicle Ridge Winery The Blondes Gewürztraminer is a summer time staple at our house. The 2009 vintage is very pale in color, much like a  blonde – summer bleached by the sun.  The nose is a fragrant bouquet of Bartlett pear,  green apple, honeysuckle and a whiff of lychee.  The fruity sweetness of the nose might fool you into thinking that this... read more

Seattle Wine Awards 2010: Celebrating the Old and the New

The Seattle Wine Awards Grand Tasting is the penultimate event of the year to enjoy and celebrate our state’s spectacular and growing wine industry. This was an opportunity to taste the new releases of my favorite wineries as well a chance to try many wines from those vintners that I have yet to visit. In fact 100 winemakers were pouring a vast array of outstanding wines at this Washington wine... read more

Not even Seattle sun outshines Seattle Wine Awards Grand Tasting

The Seattle Wine Awards Grand Tasting was on Sunday, June 13th and featured almost 400 award winning Washington wines.  Every wine poured at the event was an award winner. For me, wine is not only a beverage but it is an experience. The Grand Tasting was not only about award winning wines but a fantastic wine experience of food, conversation and connections,  and Washington wine. Food Held in the... read more

Icicle Ridge 2007 Ice Wine Chardonnay

The Icicle Ridge 2007 Ice Wine Chardonnay is a deep golden straw colored wine. The nose of this dessert wine is intensely aromatic with deep caramel, freshly cracked walnuts, brandied pears, cinnamon on the nose. The flavors start on the palate with pear with a hint of lemon and finishes with toffee almond. During the worldwide virtual Chardonnay tasting, I wanted to taste and share something really... read more

Its never too late: Worldwide Chardonnay Tasting 5/6

Join the world in raising a glass of Chardonnay on May 6, 2010! All day, around the world, people will be tasting Chardonnay and sharing their impressions with other wine lovers worldwide. From the big, rich buttery chardonnays to the crisp, fruity chardonnays you can find a Chardonnay to match almost any palate, if you know where to look and what to pair. That is what this Worldwide Chardonnay Virtual... read more

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