Haunted by Exceptional Washington Wines

Some wines haunt us, they linger in our conscious even months after the bottle has emptied. In honor of Halloween and the some of the amazing Washington wines that I have sampled this year, here is a list of wines that have haunted me. Des Voigne Cellars 2007 Montreux Syrah During the September Woodinville Warehouse Wine Walk, Darren was filtering the 07 Montreux Syrah in preparation for bottling.... read more

Washington State Brewery and Beers win GABF awards

The Great American Beer Festival closes today and Washington State is walking away with a number of awards. A very special congratulations to Chuckanut Brewery for winning Small Brewpub and Small Brewpub Brewer of the Year! In addition, congratulations to Washington State breweries that won awards for individual brews. Chuckanut Brewery Redhook Ales Pyramid Breweries Ram Restaurant Brewery Silver City... read more

Chuckanut Brewery: Featured Brewery Aug 09

Chuckanut Brewery and Kitchen just celebrated its 1st anniversary but Chuckanut Brewery in Bellingham is one in a long line of successful breweries created by Master Brewer Will Kemper and his wife Mari Kemper. Since 1984, they have been creating beer and breweries across America, Mexico and Turkey. Chuckanut Brewery believes that combining the technology and the science of the big breweries with the art... read more

Seattle Wine Awards-Coyote Canyon Winery

Amongst the myriad of wonderful wines at the Seattle Wine Awards was a unique selection provided by a dashing Mike Andrews, owner and wine maker of Coyote Canyon Winery. The winery, located in Prosser, Washington has a fascinating history. I hope to present this history in a future spotlight. Mr. Andrews provided  four white wines, all of which were superior. The driest is his blend called Downtown... read more

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