St Patrick’s Day Beer Blast with Tom Douglas

Celebrate St. Patricks’ Day with Irish style ales from Washington Breweries and tasty bites from Tom Douglas restaurants! Each of these Washington brews will be paired with an Irish themed themed food to help you celebrate the day! Menu Snoqualmie Brewing – Frog Stout with Stout Beef Stew Big Al’s Brewery – Irish Red with Market House Meats Corned Beef Maritime Pacific Brewing Company –... read more

Elysian and New Belgium collaBEERation: Featured Brewery 3/10

We love to support local businesses, especially breweries. Our dedication to local arises from our love of meeting the people behind the beer, as well as our concern for sustainability issues and our desire to support the local economy. Elysian is a well respected Washington brewery that is aware of its strengths and where it can use a helping hand. In July 2008, Elysian Brewing and New Belgium announced... read more

Ragnarok Smoked Lager

This golden lager from Elysian may look docile but looks are deceiving. This is a SMOKY mother! Ed equated this to chewing Skoal, the same intensity and lasting finish. The Elysian Specialty Beer Menu calls this “The beer to end all beers” It takes some courage to make a smoked lager like this one. Most smoked beers are made by smoking barley over beechwood, the traditional rauchbier style of... read more

New Belgium Trip 5

I got a sneak peak of the TripV at a New Belgium tasting at The Seattle Beer Authority. The TripV will tap 2/1/10 at the Elysian and other fine Northwest brew pubs. This Washington beer collabeeration is a chocolate cherry present for your Valentine. The Trip V is an opaque mahogany color, think of a henna hair job on a brunette. The nose is COCOA and coffee, with a hint of cherry. This another one of... read more

New Belgium Trip 4

The Trip is a series of beer collabeerations between Elysian and New Belgium. The Trip IV pays homage to the Finnish style Sahti beer. This beer is all about the juniper baby! Elysian and New Belgium use every bit of the juniper: bark, berries, and root. This is a dark amber colored brew with a subtle sweet nose of vanilla. On the tip of the tongue, it is silky smooth and subtle. Mid palate it bursts with... read more

Big Time planned for Big Time Brewery Birthday

Bill Jenkins, head brew master at Big Time Brewery, has put together a whirlwind tour of beers from Big Time brewers past and present in celebration of Big Time Brewery’s 21st Birthday! There will be a collection of guest beers, (all IPAs) from some of the former Big Time brewers over the years, including kegs from: Elysian Pike Brewing Northgate Ram Port Townsend Big Time will  also release... read more

Fremont Oktoberfest Friday

We made sure that we were one of the first few through the gates at the Fremont Oktoberfest Friday evening. We like to party with the best of them, but we also appreciate low volume crowds so we can really savor our beer while the sun is shining. As the sun goes down, the crowds come and the streets turn into Party Town. It is fun but we find it easier to review beers when it is less crowded and easier to... read more

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