Diamond Knot Brewery 2007 Slane’s Irish Ale

On the fourth night of the Diamond Knot Brewery Anniversary party, they were pouring the 2007 Slane’s Irish Ale and the 2006 Shipwreck IPA. We missed the party that night but we were lucky enough to catch these two beers the next night. For those of you who dislike the bitter hops of IPAs, you may appreciate this Washington beer with a long malt finish.  Bean did not like this and complained about a... read more

Diamond Knot Vertical Ho!Ho! flight

In celebration of Diamond Knot Brewery‘s 15th Anniversary, they tapped four aged kegs of their Ho!Ho! 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008. According to Dan, one of the beer makers here at Diamond Knot, their Winter Ho! Ho! is a dark style ale with high (8-9%) alcohol content. In general, the Diamond Knot Industrial Ho! Ho! is a high octane brown ale packed with lots of malty goodness! Definite differences did... read more

Let the party begin

Diamond Knot Brewery, our featured brewery of the month,  started the party tonight. The place is hopping, lots of people here to celebrate good food and great beer in honor of Diamond Knot’s 15th Anniversary. Two special kegs were tapped tonight: Diamond Knot 08 Pumpkin Ale and the 07 Ho! Ho! The 08 Pumpkin Ale is surprisingly bitter. Many pumpkin ales think they are a pie, not a beer. The Diamond Knot... read more

Diamond Knot Celebrates 15 years!

Not only is Diamond Knot Brewing Co, our featured brewery of the month, Diamond Knot Brewery, Snohomish County’s oldest operating brewery, is celebrating 15 years of brewing. Diamond Know Brewery is throwing a week-long party to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their first keg sale of their now-legendary India Pale Ale (IPA) and a Bavarian-style Hefeweizen. From October 11th through the... read more

Diamond Knot Brewery: Featured Washington Brewery 10/09

Congratulations to Diamond Knot Brewery, on October 15th they will be celebrating their 15th Anniversary! For 15 years, Diamond Knot Brewery has been crafting some of Washington’s favorite brews. Diamond Knot was founded by Brian Sollenberger and Bob Maphet. Now the partners are a foursome with Pat Ringe has master brewer and Andy Easton, Manager.  Best known for their award winning IPA, Diamond... read more

Gusto! Taste the Best Northwest Food, Wine, and Microbrews

The Everett Community College Foundation has extended the deadline to get a great deal on tickets for Gusto! Oct. 2 at the Comcast Arena in Everett. Buy tickets to the celebration of the best of Northwest food, wine and microbrews by Sept. 25 and save $5 off the $40 per person ticket price with the code EDUCATE. To purchase tickets, call the Comcast Arena Everett box office at 1-866-332-8499 or buy... read more

Fight Night: David vs Goliath at the Beer Authority

Diamond Knot Brewing is our David going toe to toe with Avery Brewing of Colorado as Goliath. The fight begins at 3pm, May 23 at the Seattle Beer Authority with three rounds of IPAs. Round One Diamond Knot Industrial XPA 80 IBUs 8.2% ABVs vs Avery Brewery  The Maharaja 102 IBUs 10.5% ABV Round Two Diamond Knot Diamond Brown 27 IBUs 5.6% ABV vs Ellie’s Brown 17 IBUs 5.5% ABV Round Three Diamond IPA 40... read more

Diamond Knot available in bottles 4/27

Diamond Knot Brewery announces that their beers will be available in 22 oz bottles. We’ll start out with the IPA and Brown Ale, both of which will be available starting 27 April (or ever so slightly earlier if you have the right connections!). Soon to follow will be the Blonde Ale as a summer seasonal and the Industrial IPA. Additionally, we’ll have the Ho!Ho! available during the holiday... read more

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