Pike Chocofest 2017

Chocofest is Pike Brewing’s “Foreplay before the big day” of chocolatey Valentine’s Day. On Sunday, February 12, 2017, Pike Brewery will transform to a chocolate and beer paradise for romantic food and drink lovers. Although chocolate and beer (and chocolate beer!) will be available in abundance, Pike Brewery’s Chocofest also features savory bites from local stellar... read more

Chocofest: Chocolate, Beer, Wine, Food, Spirits and Romance

Fifth Annual Chocofest is taking over Pike Brewing on February 10th for Foreplay before the Big Day. For the first time Chocofest will take over the brew pub to provide a bigger and better Chocofest, highlighting 69 different providers of beer, wine, food and spirits to delight all your senses. Explore the museum room, the brewery cellar and every other room in the brewpub for delicious beverage and food.... read more

Belgianfest 2013: Bigger and Better

Belgianfest 2013 was a dream day for sour beer lovers. I think there was close to twice the number of sour beers than at prior Belgianfests.  As a sour beer lover, I was a very happy girl.This was the 4th annual belgianfest and I think it was the Washington Beer Commission’s ‘best one yet. Previous Belgianfests were really crowded but this second year at the Bell Harbor Conference Center was a... read more

4th Annual Chocofest

Are you ready for “Foreplay before the Big Day“? Pike Brewing is hosting their fourth annual Chocofest on Sunday February 12th, 2012. Some say size doesn’t matter, but when it comes to Chocofest who doesn’t want bigger? This year promises to be bigger and unlike some lovers in your past, Pike Brewing delivers. This year’s Chocofest has moved into the expanded brewing space to... read more

Pairing Chocolate with Beer

Last April we asked the question, “Is pairing wine with chocolate like having sex on the beach?” Well, what about pairing beer and chocolate? The Finkels of Pike Brewing celebrate the pairing of beer and chocolate each year right before Valentine’s Day with their Chocofest that they like to bill as “foreplay before the big day.” So maybe this is the pairing we should be romanticizing. The... read more

Got Cask Fest 2011 Tickets?

It is time to belly up to the bar, err  I mean the casks at the annual Washington Beer Commission’s Cask Fest on April 9, 2011. The Cask Fest is a show case event where Washington brewers share  over 70 different cask beers from classics to unique one-off brews. You can sample some truly unique beers at this event. Got a hankering for some chocolate in your beer? You can sample beers like Lisa’s... read more

Elysian and New Belgium collaBEERation: Featured Brewery 3/10

We love to support local businesses, especially breweries. Our dedication to local arises from our love of meeting the people behind the beer, as well as our concern for sustainability issues and our desire to support the local economy. Elysian is a well respected Washington brewery that is aware of its strengths and where it can use a helping hand. In July 2008, Elysian Brewing and New Belgium announced... read more

Chocolate, Red Wine and BEER!

February brings a multitude of red wine and chocolate events, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Check out our wine events page for red wine and chocolate events all over the state. But what if you are more of a hop head? Are you looking for something a little bit different for your valentine? Or maybe you are wanting to play a bit with how the bitterness of hops and sweet malts interacts with fine... read more

Pike Brewing Chocofest: Valentine Day Foreplay

Pike’s Chocofest, billed as “foreplay before the big day” is a romantic and informative way to discover a wide variety of chocolate treats, local and from around the world. Throughout the Pike Brewery Micro Brewery Museum and Naughty Nellie Room, chocolate stations will feature different chocolate treats, each presented by an expert (usually the chocolate makers themselves). Interspersed... read more

New Belgium Trip 5

I got a sneak peak of the TripV at a New Belgium tasting at The Seattle Beer Authority. The TripV will tap 2/1/10 at the Elysian and other fine Northwest brew pubs. This Washington beer collabeeration is a chocolate cherry present for your Valentine. The Trip V is an opaque mahogany color, think of a henna hair job on a brunette. The nose is COCOA and coffee, with a hint of cherry. This another one of... read more

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