Effective, Efficient Twitter for Beer Wine Industry

Twitter has proven itself as a powerful means to disperse information, news and reviews in the beer and wine world. A number of Washington wineries have been very successful in building and maintaining customer enthusiasm and loyalty via utilizing Twitter. Walter Dacon Wines started their Twitter account just days before they were nominated in our reader’s choice Tasting Room poll. Twitter was part... read more

Washington Beer Commission Cask Fest 2010 Review

Over forty different Washington breweries were represented and the variety of beers and ales was wide at this year’s Washington Cask Beer Festival on March 27th. Both Jonathan and I absolutely loved Big Time Brewery‘s The Big Dance Imperial Amber and rated it as our number one brew at the Cask Beer Fest. It was a sweet ale (too sweet for some) but we thought the malty sweetness was really... read more

Cask Fest Preview Parties!

Did you miss out on tickets for the sold out Washington Beer Commission Cask Beer Fest? Or are you a ticket holder but just can’t wait to start tasting those cask beers? Check out one of the Cask Fest Preview Parties! Thursday, March 25 Check out the Cask Fest preview at Latona Pub. Big Al Sourlicious, Big Time Lil’ General & Herbert’s will be on tap. In addition, there will be a raffle for... read more

Chocolate, Red Wine and BEER!

February brings a multitude of red wine and chocolate events, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Check out our wine events page for red wine and chocolate events all over the state. But what if you are more of a hop head? Are you looking for something a little bit different for your valentine? Or maybe you are wanting to play a bit with how the bitterness of hops and sweet malts interacts with fine... read more

Big Time planned for Big Time Brewery Birthday

Bill Jenkins, head brew master at Big Time Brewery, has put together a whirlwind tour of beers from Big Time brewers past and present in celebration of Big Time Brewery’s 21st Birthday! There will be a collection of guest beers, (all IPAs) from some of the former Big Time brewers over the years, including kegs from: Elysian Pike Brewing Northgate Ram Port Townsend Big Time will  also release... read more

Summertime means Old Sol at Big Time Brewery

Old Sol is a gorgeous amber colored nectar.  Mere mortals may call it a wheat wine but barley wine aficionados call it  yummy. This is a barley wine style ale designed for summer drinking. The 2009 vintage was released today. Old Sol is potent brew served in snifters on draft or available in 22 oz bottles for a limited time only. This not a quaffing beer, it begs to be sipped and savored. It has a rich... read more

Old Sol Vertical at Big Time Brewery

The vertical Old Sol presentation for Seattle Beer Week was an incredible treat, even in comparison to the other wonderful events that we have attended so far. It was a big surprise to this beer taster for a number of reasons. I arrived early and tried some of the regular Big Time brews on tap while waiting the unveiling of the Old Sol wheat wine. I was feeling burnt out after  a long days work and... read more

Big Dance Imperial Amber at Big Time Brewery

This Imperial Amber is gorgeous dark red-mahogany color.  Served in a snifter, for its potent alcohol at 8.5%. Full bodied, smooth and has a great finish. Just slightly sweet, it is well balanced with a  crisp hops. It has a great floral aroma. This amber looks great, smells great and tastes great. A big thanks to Rick, the bartender for recommending the Big Dance Imperial Amber. Want to know why they... read more

Damned Spot STRONG Scottish Ale – Big Time Brewery

This is a BIG Scottish Ale from Big Time Brewery. Clocking in at 8.5% alcohol according to Sarah, this tastes like an even more potent brew. The Witches of Macbeth have nothing over the brewers at Big Time Brewery when it comes to concocting a powerful brew in their kettles. Damned Spot Strong Scottish Ale is served in a brandy snifters due to the high alcohol content and to better appreciate the heady and... read more

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