Whiny the Complainer – no complaints here

Whiny the Complainer is one smooth drinking Triple IPA. Whiny the Complainer was released today at Big Time Brewery on tap, on cask and in 22oz bottles. With only 30 cases bottled, the bottles will go fast but Drew hopes to be able to keep Whiny on tap at the Big Time through February and possibly at your favorite watering hole. Look for additional kegs to be tapped around town later this week. Whiny the... read more

Whiny Complainer Release Tuesday

Pliny Who? Looking for a local triple IPA? Russian River is no longer distributing in Washington but who cares when Seattle has a new triple IPA in town! Big Time Brewery will be releasing Whiny the Complainer on tap and in 22oz bottles. This new Washington brew is the pride and joy of Drew Cluley, Big Time Brewery head brewer. This is a very limited release. You best chance to get a bottle of Whiny the... read more

Best Booth at Brewers’s Festival 2012

The award to the BEST beer booth at the 2012 Washington Brewers’ Festival goes to Big Time Brewery and the Ram Restaurant and Brewery! OK there really isn’t any awards for booth design at the Fathers’ Day Brewfest at Marymoor Park but check out the virtual tour of the saloon, provided to us by Drew Cluley, head brewer at Big Time Brewery. The same creativity that went into the booth... read more

I Survived Seattle Beer Week 2012

It all began with a bus ride 11 days ago to four Seattle Beer Week kick off parties and concluded with the Brewer’s Hangover Brunch and BBQ at Malt and Vine. In between, I enjoyed two brewer’s dinners, beer and oysters, brewery competitions, two beer classes, special beer releases and many, many glasses of beer and over 20 different events! I managed to take a bunch of pictures and take  a lot... read more

Old Wooly 2011

Does anything say December like Big Time Brewery’s Old Wooly Barley wine? A gorgeous mahogany color, this is a hearty beer for the darker days of December. Smooth and hoppy, it shows the best aspects of both malt and hops. The nose is more malty caramel than hoppy but this isn’t a sweet candy beer. That caramel is chased by the hops, giving the caramel taste but not sweet syrupy coating you... read more

Brewers Meet and Greet Session Beer Fest Opening Night

The  Session Beer Fest kicks off on Thursday, July 14th at about 6pm at Naked City Tap House and Brewery.  The brain child of Paul “Fruit Trees” Orchard, Session Beer Fest is designed to: Celebrate the brew instead of the buzz. Session Beer Fest Opening Night will start off with 12 Washington beers all at  5.0% or less alcohol by volume (ABV). I don’t know what beers will be on tap for... read more

Summer starts with two beer releases

The solstice not only heralds summer but it also brings us some of our favorite Washington beers: Old Sol and Wisdom Seeker. Every year, Big Time Brewery release their eagerly anticipated Old Sol wheat wine on the summer solstice.  Old Sol is crafted in the style of  a barley wine but with wheat. Think of it as your summer version of barley wine. Like most wines, including barley wines, the Old Sol... read more

He Said, She Said, He Said Saturday Beer Favorites

With over 200 beers at the Washington Brewers’ Festival at St Edwards Park, there is a beer to please almost any palate. The beer lovers at Wine Beer Washington have different palates and your favorite beer profiles may not match ours. In fact, we rarely agree with each other but we sure do love our Washington beer! On the Washington Brewers Festival’s 2011 opening night I was on my own. ... read more

Great Pumpkin Beer Fest Attracts Huge Crowds Saturday

Gone are the days of people pooh poohing pumpkin beer. Before noon, eager beer lovers lined up for the Elysian Great Pumpkin Beer Fest. At noon, patrons paid $18 to be equipped with a pumpkin glass, six beer tickets and a beer guide. Outside in the back parking lot, five beer stations were set up with six taps each. Thirty pumpkin beers from around the country were first up on tap. 13 other pumpkin beers... read more

Brouwer’s Back in Black Stout Fest

Do you like your stouts big and black? If so, you would have been very happy sampling stouts at Brouwer’s Cafe on Friday, as part of Seattle Beer Week.  Forty big, black stouts were on tap from all over the world, including eight from Washington state. Big Time Old Rip Chuckanut Export Foreign Stout Dick’s  Woodford BBN Oak Cream Stout Elysian Dragonstooth Stout Hales Machete Odin Sour... read more

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