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Reuben's Brews Putt Putt Course

Seattle Beer Week Beer Crawl Bellewether Benefit

On the first Sunday of Seattle Beer Week, four Ballard Breweries created a Putt-Putt Golf Beer Crawl to benefit Bellewether Housing. Teams registered and began their tournament at: Lucky Envelope Brewing Populuxe Brewing Reuben’s Brews Stoup Brewing Then they...
Seattle Beer Week

Tenth Annual Seattle Beer Week Kicks Off Today

Seattle celebrates its tenth annual Seattle Beer Week with 10 days filled with BEER!. You will find lots of Seattle beer, beer brewed in Washington and unique beers brewed from the far corners of the world. In addition to all that tasty brew, you will find music, fun,...
Washington Belgian Fest

Belgian Fest 2018

The annual Belgian Fest celebrates Washington brewer creativity with Belgian beer yeast. Every January, the Washington Beer Commission brings breweries from across Washington state to Seattle, to showcase unique and delicious Belgian beer styles. This year, 40...

What’s the Big Deal About Women in Wine?

It’s the eve of the 2018 Women’s March. Following last year’s Women’s March I made a conscious choice to shine the light on some accomplished women in the wine industry. The question I kept asking was, “Do I have to identify these women in wine as women?” In the back...

How a Personal Trainer Got Pumped About Winemaking

“I want women to know this is a viable career option,” explains Casey Cobble matter of factly regarding winemaking. It’s important in a world where writers often portray females as "winemakerettes", a side-show to the main event, or they're conveying a sense of "nice...

Washington AVAs

Washington AVAs American Viticultural Areas Map

Washington AVAs

Washington State has 14 American Viticultural Areas (AVAs). The largest is the Columbia Valley AVA, which contains several smaller distinct AVAs. AVAs are defined by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) based on specific geographic criteria not borders. Columbia Valley AVA, Columbia Gorge AVA and Walla Walla AVAs extend into Oregon.

The 3 Cs of Hops

Do you know the 3 Cs of hops? They are the backbone of many of your favorite Washington IPAs & Pale Ales.

  • Cascade - an Aroma hops, prized for its flowery, spicy and citrus notes, particularly grapefruit.
  • Centennial - Aroma Hop and also has a lot of citrus, sometimes called 'Super Cascade'.
  • Columbia - Bittering hop. It has a lot of bitterness due to it's oiliness and has a resinous character.

Vivian recommends 3 Wine Books

wine booksThe Wine Project: Washington State’s Winemaking History by Ronald Irvine with Walter J. Clore

Wine and War: The French, the Nazis and the Battle for France’s Greatest Treasure by Donald Kladstrup and Petie Kladstrup

The Widow Clicquot: The Story of a Champagne Empire and the Woman Who Ruled It  by Tilar J. Mazzeo

How to Pair Cabernet Sauvignon with Food

Whether you’re preparing for Cabernet Day, celebrating Washington Wine Month, or just want to learn more about wine and food pairing, here are tips for how to match Cabernet Sauvignon with the food on your plate. The number one guiding principle is to match the weight...

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Washington Zinfandel is Child’s Play for Oregon Winemaker

“I’m not making any stinking Zin,” he’d say, although he was secretly thinking about it. As he pours me a taste of his 2015 Child’s Play Columbia Valley Zinfandel, the story unfolds. Tony Rynders, the Oregon winemaker known for garnering more 90+ point scores from...

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Pairing Hefeweizen with Food

My introduction to hefeweizen happened many years ago on a trip to Germany, an adventure eight months in the making. It meant working two jobs to save up for a summer in Europe with a boyfriend who, it turns out, was not the man of my dreams. Nevertheless, I have him...

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Seattle Magazine 12th Annual Washington Wine Winners

Seattle Magazine just announced their 12th Annual Washington Wine Winners. Winners in all categories were nominated by a panel of wine and food industry professionals.  Congratulations to all of the 2017 winners that make Washington wine so special. The wines were...

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SODO Block Party Returns

Last summer Seattle saw the arrival of wineries normally associated with a 5+ hour drive to Walla Walla. We’re talking Rôtie Cellars, Waters Winery, and Sleight of Hand Cellars. They moved into SODO Urban Works which was already home to one of our favorite email wine...

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Tour Yakima Valley

Experience the vineyards while meeting the growers and winemakers. A glass of wine might look like nothing more than fermented fruit. Now take a look at the color of that wine. Is it light and bright or dark and intense? Stick your nose in that glass and engage your...

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Mechanical Engineer Crushes it as Winemaker in Washington

Kathy Shiels, one of the founders of celebrated Washington winery Côte Bonneville, stands before a room filled with wine aficionados. Some of the great minds of the wine world are there having a lively discussion regarding the Côte Bonneville flagship wine. The price...

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Search Party

The Elysian's Search Party really packed a lot of entertainment into its Seattle Center venue. An excellent lineup of lively larger and well known local to international bands kept the crowds happy while they sipped cold Washington beer on the lawn. There were rumors...

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DeVoigne Cellars Celebrate a Decade!

Darren & Lizzy DesVoigne recently celebrated a decade of wine making by moving into expanded gigs. In addition to moving in to their new winery, the DesVoignes opened a brewery as well: B-Side Brewing. They were the first in Washington State to open a brewery and a winery under the same roof!

Finnriver Lavender & Black Currant Cider

We can’t wait to check out Finnriver’s new location this summer. In addition to their year round favorites, look for their seasonal specialties like the Lavender and Black Currant Cider.

Foggy Noggin Anniversary Vertical

Since their first anniversary, Foggy Noggin has brewed an Old English Ale and put some aside. Each anniversary after, Foggy Noggin holds a private party in which they pour a vertical of their Anniversary Old English Ales.

Why Wine Beer Washington?

Wine Beer Washington was created to chronicle the Washington alcoholic beverage industry and to help satisfy our never ending curiosity. We wanted to know why people would come out of retirement or take on second jobs and/or mortgages to make some of our favorite beverages. On top of that, they would probably lose money or barely break even for years. What made them work so hard and take such a risk for just a beverage?

When we started Wine Beer Washington, wine and beer were really the only alcoholic Washington beverages to speak of. Now, not only do the Washington breweries and wineries number in the hundreds, but Washington cideries and distilleries are truly making a name for themselves. Here, our small team tries to give you some of the Events, News, Pairings, Reviews and Stories about the thousands of  Washington Beer, Cider, Spirits and Wine.