Wine Spectator is offering a sneak peak at the Top 100 wines of 2011 and Washington is there. Today, they revealed the wines ranking number six through ten. Congratulations to Baer Winery of Woodinville, their Ursa 2008 ranked as the number 6 best wine in the world for 2011.

Baer Ursa

Baer Ursa 2008

Harvey Weinstein, editor of the Wine Spectator talks about the Baer Winery Ursa, click to watch his video.

The Ursa 2008 is a red wine blend, predominantly of Merlot and Cabernet Franc. I tasted this lovely wine during a vertical Ursa tasting during Grape Killers 2010. I tasted a lot of great wines that night, but the wine that I couldn’t leave without was the Baer Winery’s Ursa 2008. It has been sitting in my wine cellar for nearly a year, waiting for the right occasion. Now, I wish that I had bought more than one bottle!

Columbia Crest took the top honors two years ago, will a Washington wine win again?