Wine World Warehouse is coming to Wallingford! A wine superstore, Wine World Warehouse will not only be the biggest wine store in Washington, but the largest wine store in the Northwest when it opens this December in north Seattle.


Wine World Warehouse

Where in the wine beer world is Ebony? Wine World Warehouse!

Wine World Warehouse will boast over 6000 different wines in over 23,000 square foot of retail space. That is a lot of room to stock wine and wine amenities. It will provide ample room in its 7 foot wide aisles for you to easily navigate a cart or flat bed cart through your favorite wine regions. The flat bed carts will make it easy to buy wines by the case but unlike other ‘warehouses’, you won’t need to buy your wines at Wine World Warehouse by the case.  You can easily swing by on your way home from work to buy a single bottle for dinner.

Superstores are often associated with low prices and according to Lenny Rede, Operations Manager, their business model will highlight wines retailing under $20. It isn’t about clearance wines but about selling wines with a great quality price ratio (QPR).  Part of this will be accomplished via private labeling Wine World wines from respected wineries. The rest of  these wines will be selected as the result of a relentless search by the Wine World staff to find quality, budget friendly wines from around the world.


Wine World will stock wines from all over the world. The front section of the store will be devoted to Northwest wines, with an anticipated 500 Washington wines in inventory. All of the major wine producing regions of the world will be represented. With so many wines from so many wineries around the world, David LeClaire, founder, wants to make sure that Wine World is easy to navigate.

Each wine region will have its own aisle. On one side, the wines priced under $20 will be in boxes and the bottles priced over $20 will be on shelves on the opposite side of the aisle.  It will be easy to see at a glance which bottles will fit your budget. The shelves will only be 5 feet tall so you won’t feel like you are penned in, you will be able to see across the store to quickly identify the wine region that you want to explore.

Lenny Rede talks about some of the lower priced wines that he is excited to be selling at Wine World.

Brand it is made in Walla Walla at Artifex, a custom crush facility owned byNorm McKibben of Pepperbridge fame. The operation of the facility is overseen by winemaker Jean Francois Pellet. This wine is as delicious as you would expect of something coming out of a facility being run these two and we will be selling Brand for $12.99!

Eric Lemmelson helped lead the way in Oregon in terms of viticultural practices building his winery to be self contained, with gravity flow and making sure his estate vineyards are all organically farmed. Now I love his Theas Pinot Noir and I love selling Oregon Pinot for $14.99!

And if you like Italian wine I will have a  a great little sangiovese from Tuscany for $6.99 that just rocks.

Wine World Warehouse will also stock prestige wines in the private cellar section of the store. Wines in this section will consist of library wines, allocation wines and wines acquired via estate sales and auctions. The private cellar will also have a humidor. The private cellar section will open later, probably early next year.

In addition to wine, Wine World will stock a small but select assortment of quality beers. Depending on the final outcome of state inititiaves 1100 and 1105, the store will also sell spirits,  specializing in local distilleries.

Wine World vows to help you find whatever wine you are looking for “If we don’t have it, we’ll get it”.

Wine World will be the store where you can buy:

  • bottle of Sangiovese for Tuesday night dinner
  • cases of wine for the office holiday party
  • the bottle to celebrate that special anniversary


Warehouses and superstores aren’t known for their customer service but David and Lenny are making service a priority at Wine World. They understand that some people are intimidated by wine and when you are looking at thousands of bottles of wine… it can be overwhelming. The staff at Wine World bring varied wine expertise, not snobbery, to assist customers.  Staff are hired for their customer service skills first.

lenny rede david leclaire

Lenny Rede and David LeClaire

Over twenty years ago, David and Lenny met while working at the Alexis Hotel. In the intervening years, they have worked at hotels and restaurants, hosted events, created successful wine clubs, taught about wine and sold wine. They are bringing hospitality to the retail wine experience.

Lenny states:

We both come out of hotels and fine dining and we want to bring that level of customer service to Wine World Warehouse.

David sees the sales staff as

…working like a waiters that greet customers as they come in. Like in a restaurant, the sales staff will offer suggestions and assistance as they move amongst customers but they will not be working on commission.

In addition to customer service within the store, Wine World staff will assist you in shipping your wine purchases.

Wine goes with …

  • Cheese
  • Charcuterie
  • Chocolate
  • Flowers
  • Parties
Wine World Warehouse view

Wine World Warehouse view

Wine World Warehouse will sell the wine amenities to help you create a memorable wine experience.  When you first walk into Wine World, you won’t  see sterile warehouse shelving and pallets of wine cases.  Instead, you will see fresh flowers, the cheese counter, gourmet chocolates and savory charcuterie. It is being designed as a place that will wet your appetite and that you will want to hang out. Two 30 feet tasting bars will be pouring wine tastes most evenings with visiting wine makers.  Once the private cellar opens, there will be a large table to gather around to enjoy those special games and a large screen TV for events.  The north end of the building has huge glass windows with stunning views of Portage Bay and Mount Rainier. This space will be an gorgeous gathering space with chandeliers. In the future, this space. capacity of 150, will be available to rent for your events.

Wine World Warehouse will also sell upscale wine amenities to maximize the wine experience for you and others. You can create your own wine “basket” with wine buckets, baskets, wine gadgets, chocolate, stem ware and of course wine! Staff will assist you in creating the perfect gift.

Grand Opening

Wine World WarehouseWine World Warehouse hopes to open early December, pending permits. Stay up to date with Wine World Warehouse progress at:

Wine World  is just off of I-5 at 45th, 400 NE 45th Street, Seattle, WA