“You mean you’re paying to drink flawed wines? On purpose? Why would you do that?” To this day, my husband doesn’t understand why I, or anyone, would taste anything that was knowingly corked, oxidized, or otherwise off.

Yet, with what we pay for wine whether at a restaurant or to add to our collection, isn’t it of value to understand the aromas we experience when we uncork a wine bottle?

So come on, learn about wine aromas and how to define them. Gain better understanding of characteristics in wines like defining acidity, tannins (oak vs. grape), alcohol, residual sugar, and their combinations.  Learn proper and hip wine vocabulary that will help you describe and define what we see, smell and taste in a variety of wines.

Whether you are a wine enthusiast or a tasting room employee for one of the many Woodinville wineries, this is a great class to awaken your senses!

This one night wonder is taught by beloved wine instructor, Reggie Daigneault, who ran the program at Northwest Wine Academy when we were students.

Advance tickets available online via Reggie Wine. Limited seats, only $25 per person, includes 6 wines to explore.

Date: April 27th 7pm – 9pm ?Location: Davenport Cellars 19495 144th Ave NE Suite A-160 Woodinville, WA 98072