Whoever says that all wine lovers are snobs has never been to Wine Rocks Seattle! Wine Rocks is a fun filled evening of beer, wine, food and of course rock and roll. Wine Rocks is a unique celebration of Washington wine makers in that it showcases the musical talents as well as their wine making skills. The 4th Annual Wine Rocks takes place at the Georgetown Ballroom, Thursday June 9,  6:30-10pm. Tickets are only $35 and benefits AJusticeNetwork. Wine Rocks is all about music, food and wine. Come party with us!

Wine RocksEd and I had a great time at last years’ Wine Rocks Seattle. We mingled, we ate, we drank, we sang and we danced. The music started out slowly and built in intensity and volume as the party progressed. And boy did the party  progress! This wine event really is a party, not a sedate wine tasting.   Wine Rocks is a party but it is also a wine tasting. This isn’t an event where you are going to have to worry about jostling through drunken mobs at a concert.  Peha Promotions does an excellent job of creating the party vibe at this event while keeping the focus on wine tasting versus wine guzzling.

Some people were worried about the noise impacting Ebony but she good naturedly didn’t complain about the music nor my dancing with a walker until the end of the last music set. At which time Ed and Ebony decided it was time for old fogeys to go home and to bed. Pffft what do they know? Lets see if they can drag me away this year!

Washington Beer and Wine


  • Jamie Brown of Waters Winery
  • Rob Newsom of Boureaux Cellars
  • Gordy Rawson of Chatter Creek
  • Chip McLaughlin of Vinyl Wines

And More…

With Special Guests:

  • The Splinter Dancers