Today, we launched an experiment, the Wine Beer Washington Weekly.  This weekly online newspaper is a third party compilation of articles and twitter announcements from the Washington Beer Commission, Washington Wine Commission and bloggers that focus on Washington beer and wine. It also culls Think of it as one stop shopping to find out what is happening with Washington beer and wine. It isn’t perfect, several articles that were on the paper when it was first published this morning seem to have disappeared, including one about BLEND contributed by our own Nancy.

Wine Beer Washington Weekly

Wine Beer Washington Weekly, 1st ed.

I like several things about the paper though. I could post something about the press release regarding Glenn Coogan’s memorial but wouldn’t you rather read about it from someone who knew him like Shona? Besides, there is so much going on in the Washington beer and wine scene that there is no way that we can even begin to cover it all. This weekly paper is one means of acknowledging all the different news, brews, wine and events that we just don’t have the time and energy to cover.

Being a third party newspaper, the collection of articles is mostly automated but I will be working to fine tune it so it evolves into a worthwhile resource. I hope that you consider subscribing to the weekly “paper”. You can do so by clicking the blue button on the first page of the newspaper.