Whiny the Complainer is one smooth drinking Triple IPA. Whiny the Complainer was released today at Big Time Brewery on tap, on cask and in 22oz bottles. With only 30 cases bottled, the bottles will go fast but Drew hopes to be able to keep Whiny on tap at the Big Time through February and possibly at your favorite watering hole. Look for additional kegs to be tapped around town later this week.

Whiny the Complainer

Whiny the Complainer on cask

Whiny the Complainer was created in response to beer lovers whining about the difficulty of acquiring Pliny the Younger. The original version of Whiny was crafted three years ago when Bill Jenkins was still the head brewer at Big Time. The original Whiny was based on the Scarlet Fire IPA. Drew Cluley decided to renew Whiny when he heard Russian River Brewing was pulling out of Washington. The shortage of Pliny was going to evolve into no Pliny so he renewed the Whiny with his own fingerprint.This new Whiny the Complainer is crafted with two different yeasts and a lot of hops. There are four pounds of hops in each barrel of Whiny the Complainer!

This Washington beer is a gorgeous opague amber color. The nose is full of citrus and pine aromatics.  I think this is the smoothest triple IPA I have ever tasted. Beers like this can be so overwhelming hopped that it destroys your palate for anything else. This beer exhibits exquisite balance all the way through to the finish. Hops are the star but balanced by malt for smooth drinking.