Where in the Wine Beer World is Ebony? Vol 3

It has been awhile since we have published a Where in the Washington Wine Beer World is Ebony post. We couldn’t resist this photo opportunity.

Ebony Boa

Where in the Wine Beer World is Ebony?

The hint is the wall paper! Click on the image to get a better look at the infamous wall paper at this business.

Tell us where Ebony is by Friday,  August 13th for a chance to win a prize. We will select a winner randomly from the correct guesses in the comments section.  On Monday, August 16th, we will post the winner and information about the location.

13 Responses to “Where in the Wine Beer World is Ebony? Vol 3”

  1. Ebony is at the Hard Row to Hoe Winery in Chelan. Love the boa!

  2. winebeerWA says:

    Where in the Wine Beer World is Ebony? Vol 3 :: Washington State Beer and Wine

  3. Okay, okay, I’ll be the first to take the bait. This gives new meaning to the term “service dog.”

  4. Don, touche! Bean, I just want to say that this is my favorite Ebony picture ever. Will be tough to top.

  5. Scott says:

    First of all Ebony I’m jealous that you get to in Lake Chelan. I’ve decided that a week boating, fishing, and drinking wine there is high on my list of next vacation spots. I would certainly go see the wallpaper at Hard Row to Hoe.

    Bean and Ed, I was thinking about you guys this weekend, because I was drinking viognier and roussane…hope you both are well.

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